Christine Taylor

Christine E. Taylor is a journalist and blogger who, to put it bluntly, loves podcasting. A whole bunch. She loves it so much that when she was frustrated with the lack of coverage in mainstream media, she went out all on her lonesome and has brought much needed attention to the art form. Podcast hosts and fans alike have taken to Christine, enjoying her interviews, surveys, and retrospectives. If anyone is going to represent podcasting, we should be glad it’s Christine!

Guest Appearances

February 21, 2011

Very few people get to see the world of podcasting from Christine E. Taylor’s view. A journalist and blogger, Christine fell in love with comedy podcasts and is doing a bang-up job of telling the rest of the world. Recorded at Cobb’s Comedy Club before Sklarbro Country LIVE (now available through the Earwolf Store), she and Jeff discuss the direction we’re headed, and what it’s going to take to get there. You can find Christine at her website where there are interviews, reviews, and much more.