Chunky B.

Chunky B. is one of the most successful warm up comedians of all time. A former lifeguard who moved to California in 1986, he is a genuine character who can be found each day at any number of television studios around Los Angeles.

Guest Appearances

May 12, 2015

Randy, Jason, and Daniel welcome to the show Chunky B., who reveals how he got his nickname, what it’s like working with Dr. Phil, and which Osmond sibling is funnier and why. Additionally, the gang discusses the launch of Daniel Van Kirk’s new Chili’s campaign. Then, the guys cover headlines that include a real life Grizzly Man, a woman who thinks that some hair and a tattoo qualify as clothes, and finally, the least aerodynamic super hero of all time. Lastly, Robert Durst leaves a voicemail wherein he explains why he recently urinated on a shelf full of candy.