Cody Skully

Cody Skully, hailing from the cowtowns of central Texas, fell in love with music at an early age and decided to pursue recording as a career. After graduating from Emerson College in Boston, he made his way left, and landed in Los Angeles, where he works as a recording engineer and editor at Earwolf.

Guest Appearances

November 29, 2017

Work off that Thanksgiving turkey, Steve Agee returns for another landmark episode of Who Charted! He helps Howard and Kulap count down Billboard’s Top 5 Rock Songs while they mourn the state of the modern musical and Steve gives the scoop on his podcast We’re No Doctors. Later, they swap holiday movie picks while counting down iTunes’ Top 5 Selling Movies, and Engineer Cody Ramhand joins in for a specialty chanteuse quiz during Two Charted.


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November 8, 2017

Actor/writer Jessica St. Clair swings on board for a mid-November chartstravaganza! She explains why Pink is a role model for everyone while helping count down Billboard’s Top Album Sales. During the TV Chart, Jessica recounts her run-in with a park ranger and laments the death of the love letter, and Two Charted brings with it Salmon Face Cody and Young Kevin to check on SNL predictions and to count down Kevin’s Hot Picks.


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October 18, 2017

Actor/comedian/SNL writer Nick Rutherford makes his return on this week’s Who Charted! They count down the Top 5 Trending Songs on YouTube while Howard brings the heat over a series of canceled shows and Nick talks about his new film “The Unicorn.” During the Movie Chart, Nick acts out a survival scenario, and Kulap shares her cupping massage horror stories on Two Charted.

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May 3, 2017

Comedian Jackie Kashian joins Howard and Kulap this week to discuss her new comedy album “I Am Not the Hero of This Story.” They count down Spotify’s Top 5 Songs in the US while Jackie explains how the election changed her feelings about scoring tickets to “Hamilton” and answers a listener question about her favorite Wisconsonites. Then they talk with Jackie about why she prefers seeing children’s movies in theaters during the Movie Chart, and Howard tells the unfortunate tale of his car key chip on Two Charted.

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February 22, 2017

Director, actor, and improviser Alex Fernie joins Howard and Kulap this week to keep the La La Landers at bay! They count down the Top 5 Most Shazamed Songs This Week while breaking down Taylor Swift’s crew fall-out and Alex’s best musical critiques. Then, during the Movie Chart, they talk Nic Cage’s stolen comic books and Matt Damon’s appeal to Chinese audiences, and finally, Engineer Cody Ramhand helps dish out some gifts on Two Charted.


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November 1, 2016

Hayes and Sean share a disturbing story from Cody online and help Cody and Kevin make a good Facebook.