Cody Skully

Cody Skully, hailing from the cowtowns of central Texas, fell in love with music at an early age and decided to pursue recording as a career. After graduating from Emerson College in Boston, he made his way left, and landed in Los Angeles, where he works as a recording engineer and editor at Earwolf.

Guest Appearances

Dragon's Hoard

Who Charted? #365November 29, 2017

Work off that Thanksgiving turkey, Steve Agee returns for another landmark episode of Who Charted! He helps Howard and Kulap count down Billboard’s Top 5 Rock Songs while they mourn the state of the modern musical and Steve gives the scoop on…


Halt and I'll Type You

Who Charted? #362November 8, 2017

Actor/writer Jessica St. Clair swings on board for a mid-November chartstravaganza! She explains why Pink is a role model for everyone while helping count down Billboard’s Top Album Sales. During the TV Chart, Jessica recounts her run-in with a park ranger and…


Soft and Juicy Stick

Who Charted? #359October 18, 2017

Actor/comedian/SNL writer Nick Rutherford makes his return on this week’s Who Charted! They count down the Top 5 Trending Songs on YouTube while Howard brings the heat over a series of canceled shows and Nick talks about his new film “The Unicorn.”…


Rich Kid Woodstock

Who Charted? #335May 3, 2017

Comedian Jackie Kashian joins Howard and Kulap this week to discuss her new comedy album "I Am Not the Hero of This Story." They count down Spotify's Top 5 Songs in the US while Jackie explains how the election changed her feelings…


LA's Best Kept Secret

Who Charted? #325February 22, 2017

Director, actor, and improviser Alex Fernie joins Howard and Kulap this week to keep the La La Landers at bay! They count down the Top 5 Most Shazamed Songs This Week while breaking down Taylor Swift's crew fall-out and Alex's best musical…


Cody and Kevin, Our Facebook Friends

Hollywood Handbook #158November 1, 2016

Hayes and Sean share a disturbing story from Cody online and help Cody and Kevin make a good Facebook.



Who Charted? #307October 19, 2016

This week, comedian and writer Emily Heller joins Howard and Kulap to make a chartastic voyage. They discuss the differences between rock and ramonescore and the resurgence of stage names while counting down Stereogum's Best 5 Songs of the Week. Then Emily…


She's a Talent

Who Charted? #297August 10, 2016

On this week's Who Charted, writer, actor, and host of Hollywood Handbook Sean Clements joins Howard and Kulap for late summah charting. They cover the Bloom/Bieber wang battle and hear about Sean's surprise party experience while listening to the Top 5 Pop…


Karen Kilgariff, Our Close Friend

Sean and Hayes demand that Intern Andy tell them how he lost all the donor shout-outs and then got lost himself. Then KAREN KILGARIFF joins the show to discuss her podcast "My Favorite Murder" and help administer a psychopath test for the…



Who Charted? #288June 8, 2016

Engineer Cody "Ramhand" Skully joins Howard for a Chart Party! They contemplate the issues with dating a famous person as they count down Spotify's Top 5 Songs of the Summah. Then, they wonder if there is smart technology that can block out…


Engineer Cody's Engineer Training Boot Camp and School LIVE

Hollywood Handbook #129April 12, 2016

Sean and Hayes appear in front of a live audience to offer tips on personal health and how to eat, then welcome Engineer Cody and special guest TOM SCHARPLING for an inside look at Engineer Cody's Engineer Training Boot Camp and School.


Webisode Camp

Who Charted? #275March 9, 2016

Actor and SNL alum Horatio Sanz reunites with Howard and Kulap to break down the music and video game charts. They discuss songs about one's lifetime and Engineer Cody's on-air outbreak during Shazam's Top 5 songs in the U.S. chart. A love…


The Grease Knows Eggs Show with Jesse Thorn

Hollywood Handbook #101September 15, 2015

Tom "Eggs" Scharpling and Engineer "Greasenose" Cody debut the pilot of their new podcast to potential buyer Jesse Thorn.


07/31/15 TWO CHARTED 182

Who Charted? #243.5July 31, 2015

Many gifts, many tears, and one red chevrolet are just some of the memorable things from Howard's Summah Sojourn, find out what else Howard experienced on this week's Two Charted!!! Additionally, Kulap continues her quest of trying to get Howard to reveal…


06/26/15 TWO CHARTED 177

Who Charted? #238.5June 26, 2015

This week on Two Charted, forgiveness is granted to all fellow artists who dared to compete with the release of the Gu Cruise music video. Additionally, Howard and Kulap discuss their most recent trip to the space observatory and why it barely…


05/08/15 TWO CHARTED 170

Who Charted? #231.5May 8, 2015

In this exceptionally personal and raw episode of Two Charted, Kulap and guest host, Armen Weitzman, talk about the hardship and unique necessity of having to mourn the loss of a friend.


04/10/15 TWO CHARTED 166

Who Charted? #227.5April 10, 2015

Howard starts off the show by explaining to Kulap why throwing out his vintage Shrek Burger King Crown was one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made. Then, Howard discusses why Ramhand is a quality guy. Additionally, Kulap offers to pose as Howard’s grandmother…


02/20/15 TWO CHARTED 159

Who Charted? #220.5February 20, 2015

Kulap and Howard start off the show with a list of things that have been weighing on Howard’s mind, such as, his headache, dog walker trip wires, and Cody the engineer. Then, Howard talks about SNL 40 and how twitter almost ruined…


01/02/15 TWO CHARTED 152

Who Charted? #213.5January 2, 2015

Kulap starts off the show, and new year, with an investigation into why Howard will never have a full beard. Also, New Years salutations are exchanged and the top hip hop songs of 2014, as Howard saw them and heard them, are…


9/12/14 TWO CHARTED 136

Who Charted? #197.5September 12, 2014

Gundum right it's time for a new Two Charted with your hosts Kulap 'Cinnamon on a Sundae' Vilaysack  and Howard 'Summah Man' Kremer. Tune in to hear your favorite chart keepers explain Stolen Summah and advocate for the Minus 9 Movement. Plus,…


Brett, Sam, and Cody, Our Engineers

Hollywood Handbook #49September 9, 2014

Hayes and Sean play a game of "That's Wheely Interesting" where they describe their first encounters with celebrities and Sean talks about BBQ festival etiquette. Then, BRETT, SAM, and CODY are on the other side of the table for an exclusive engineer-only…


8/22/14 TWO CHARTED 133

Who Charted? #194.5August 22, 2014

Howard teases us with some sexiness, Kulap recalls bursting into tears thanks to a chartist, and Ramhand is Ramhand on this week’s TWO CHARTED! Howard explains why you should Think Before You Spit in another edition of How To Act, finally understands…


Summah Donkey

Who Charted? #188July 9, 2014

It's episode 188 of Who Charted with your hosts Howard Michael Motorcycle and Kulap Popsicle Vilaysack. Tune in to this extra special guest-less Who Charted to hear Howard and Ku countdown the Billboard HOT 100, take a stance on Iggy Azalea, and…


5/23/14 TWO CHARTED 120

Who Charted? #181.5May 23, 2014

It's time to gain some more insight into Armen Weitzman's mind on this week's Two Charted. In this episode Armen fires some shots at Rock N' Roll, attempts to fight irony by counting down a comedic chart, and dishes out some solid…


2/28/14 TWO CHARTED 108

Who Charted? #169.5February 28, 2014

Tune in to this week's THICK GOOD episode of TWO CHARTED with your hosts, Howard and Kulap, and the demonically possessed professional, Ramhand. Easy Timmy! Howard takes us through his Wiek that was and tells us about taping a podcast, and grabbing…


2/14/14 TWO CHARTED 106

Who Charted? #167.5February 14, 2014

Spend your Valentine's Day with Ku-Ku, IiWie & Ramhand! After opening some amazing GIFTS from the one & only Guice Mann, Howard tells us about his return to television and counts down the 3 important directing qualities. Then, Kulap brings in Chartist…


2/7/14 TWO CHARTED 105

Who Charted? #166.5February 7, 2014

This week on TWO CHARTED, Howard is on a post-game roll as he shares his thoughts on a local eccentric, Pete Carroll's coaching philosophy, and Ramhand in general. Then Kulap counts down Stereogum’s Top 5 Best Songs of the Week, explains Drake’s…


1/24/13 TWO CHARTED 103

Who Charted? #164.5January 24, 2014

Tie the week off the right way with Ku-Ku & How How! We get a history lesson on the subject of Witch cakes from Howard as he counts down his Wieek That Was and Kulap tells us all about TV & movies…


1/03/14 TWO CHARTED 100

Who Charted? #161.5January 3, 2014

It's time to celebrate the new year with Ku-Ku & Wie-Wie on episode 100 of TWO CHARTED! Howard talks ‘shville and explains how he could have been in One Direction while counting down the Top 5 Country Songs of 2013. After Kulap…


12/20/13 TWO CHARTED 98

Who Charted? #159.5December 20, 2013

Howard kicks things off by telling us about the one time he had a roommate who was on heroin on today’s TWO CHARTED! Wie-Wie gives us some breaking news as he counts down the Top 5 EDM Songs of 2013 and Ku-Ku…


12/6/13 TWO CHARTED 96

Who Charted? #157.5December 6, 2013

Ku-Ku & Wie-Wie ring in EDM-cember by recalling their Cramsgiving on this week’s TWO CHARTED! Howard tells us about his first Black Friday experience while counting down his Wieek That Was and Kulap describes the delectable treats she enjoyed as she counts…


10/18/13 TWO CHARTED 89

Who Charted? #150.5October 18, 2013

The top-knot trendsetter known as Wie-Wie and everybody's favorite "young lovely Asian lady" KuKu are back in fine form on this week's TWO CHARTED! Howard takes us on a journey through his exciting Wieek That Was before Ramhand interrupts to explain how…


9/13/13 TWO CHARTED 84

Who Charted? #145.5September 13, 2013

Iced Boba, Wie Wie & a New Yorkified Ramhand return on this week's TWO CHARTED! Howard explains how the oppressive heat had an effect on his 'week that was' on the Wie Wie chart, which also includes some new information on the…


9/6/13 TWO CHARTED 83

Who Charted? #144.5September 6, 2013

The dream team is back in fine form on this week's hotly anticipated TWO CHARTED! Sinus infected, wind-chimey Kulap makes her triumphant return as Howard finally gets over his debilitating illness and counts down his Week that Was, including his recent foray…


8/30/13 TWO CHARTED 82

Who Charted? #143.5August 30, 2013

Scratchy throat Howard returns along with Engineer Ramhand on this week's abbreviated TWO CHARTED! Ramhand provides a relationship update, which includes some quality piggybacking, and does some on-the-fly editing before getting into Howard's "Week that Was" chart.  Howard discovers his key demographic,…


8/9/13 TWO CHARTED 79

Who Charted? #140.5August 9, 2013

We’re gonna delve further into the psyche of Armen Weitzman on this week’s TWO CHARTED! Keeping with the theme of this week’s Who Charted, things get quite emotional as Armen counts down his Top 5 Cries of Joy and Kulap counts down…


06/07/13 TWO CHARTED 70

Who Charted? #131.5June 7, 2013

Howard details his week of partying, Ramhand earns a new yet familiar nickname, and Kulap outlines her summer plans on today's TWO CHARTED! Howard discusses his fascination with country superstars Florida Georgia Line, Paul F. Tompkins foul mouth and the comedy shenanigans…


5/24/13 TWO CHARTED 68

Who Charted? #129.5May 24, 2013

Ku-Ku counts down the top 5 moments from working the red carpet for Youtube’s comedy week including; getting picked up by a car like a big wig or fancy pants, going off script with Todd Glass and Norm Macdonald, and the music…


5/17/13 TWO CHARTED 67

Who Charted? #128.5May 17, 2013

Wie- Wie counts down his top 5 quotes of the week, Ku- Ku counts down the essential summer music, and Ram Hand recounts a torrid love affair on today’s TWO CHARTED! Howard explains the sexiness of lady antebellum, his song “Orangutan”, and…


4/5/13 TWO CHARTED 61

Who Charted? #122.5April 5, 2013

Ears and a heart are all you need to enjoy today's edition of TWO CHARTED! Ku-ku and Wie- wie talk about ram hand's dangerous new butter based diet, the stupidity of every mystery thriller, and then they do a scene between a…


3/29/13 TWO CHARTED 60

Who Charted? #121.5March 29, 2013

It's a day of gifts and kisses on today's episode of TWO CHARTED! Howard and Kulap receive and try on some delightful presents from listeners and then Ku-Ku counts down her week in review including; her awesome voices, a Saturday night lady…


3/15/13 TWO CHARTED 58

Who Charted? #119.5March 15, 2013

It is a sexy paradise on today's Two Charted as Howard and Kulap countdown the top 10 trashiest spring break destinations according to Co-ed magazine. They talk about the best spring break movies, the lure of Eric Nies, and why Florida has…


Astral Projection

Impressions are all over the place on this week’s Professor Blastoff! We are joined by our very own audio engineer/nephew Cody Skully to talk about Astral Projection. Cody discusses the differences between lucid dreams & projecting, different dimensions, exit techniques, and his…

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