Corey Beilstein

Admit it; you’ve wondered. How do products get to the shelf? What makes me want to buy them? How do they make it taste… so… good?

With a background in both cognitive psychology and sensory science, Corey Beilstein decodes consumers, their tastes, behaviors and preferences. It’s a behind-the-scenes world. A single product on shelf represents years of planning and research… all to get the message just right, to grab our attention and hopefully to improve our lives in some way.

Peek backstage and uncover the science of the senses… how what we process leads to what we buy!

–Corey Beilstein, MA Cognitive and Human Experimental Psychology

MA: the Ohio State University
BA: Wittenberg University

Sensory scientist at Nestlé and the Kellogg Company

current: SVP, Director of Research and Development at Seed Strategy, Inc.

Besides all of that, I’m a foodie, a coffee and beer-lover, a snack snob, and I love to cook… I love to play classical piano and to goof around with my kids, too.

Guest Appearances

April 15, 2014

The Professor Blastoff gang start the show off by talking about future parenthood and Tig describes her “new thing” jar. Then, previous guests Corey Beilstein and Rob Cherry III come back to the show to flip the script and ask the questions for a change. The question and answer portion delves into creativity, comedy careers, identity, alter-egos, children, originality, and more.


February 25, 2014

Have you ever wondered if you have synesthesia or if you are a super taster? Sensory science expert Corey Beilstein joins the Blastoff crew to test the gang with certain taste and smell experiments and teach us all a little about how the science of our senses works. This episode also includes a baby announcement and a great celebrity story!