Dan Carlin

Dan Carlin is an American political commentator, amateur historian, and podcaster. Once a professional radio host, Carlin eventually took his show to the Internet, and he now hosts two popular independent podcasts: Common Sense and Hardcore History.

Guest Appearances

April 30, 2015

Veteran podcaster Dan Carlin has been hosting the perennially popular Common Sense podcast since 2005, and in 2014 iTunes named his Hardcore History podcast the best classic podcast of the year. He’s Adam’s guest for this episode of the Wolf Den, detailing the evolution of his chart-topping podcasts over the course of a decade. His Hardcore History show, in particular, is known for having episodes that last as much as several hours, with an irregular release schedule. Dan discusses how this came to be, why he thinks it works for him, and what it takes to pull off what are essentially long, but highly engaging, monologues. He tells Adam how the shows are monetized, and shares his perspective on offering free and paid content. Finally, Dan explains why iTunes made it possible for independent podcasts to succeed alongside ones from established media players, and what the future may hold for his productions.