Dan Klein

Dan Klein most recently wrote for A Night of Too Many Stars on Comedy Central. Previously, he’s written for The Onion Digital Studios, The Onion SportsDome, and acted as a creative consultant for Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street. He occasionally performs on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and in Collegehumor sketches. He co-created the Fuds menu, as well as the webseries The Jerry Seinfeld Program, Teen Wheels, and Rejected Pitches, which can be seen on the Above Average Youtube channel. He performs every Friday with Your F’d Up Family at UCB-LA. He works hard and is tired.

Guest Appearances

Dan Klein, Kelly Hudson: The Tonic of Wildness

Welcome back to another episode of The Tonic of Wildness with your hosts and former park rangers Grahamjer Hyde (Kelly Hudson) and Len Chord (Dan Klein)! It’s the podcast where we talk all things wilderness, public parks, and mother nature. This week…


Casey Affleck & Viggo Mortensen Are Sad and Mad (w/ Dan Klein, Kelly Hudson)

Private: Hard Nation #41January 11, 2017

Golden Globe nominees Casey Affleck (Dan Klein) and Viggo Mortensen (Kelly Hudson) break down this year’s awards crop on a cinephilic Hard Nation! Viggo gets emotionally and physically revealing when he shows off his rows of tiny teeth, while Casey’s favorite city…


Dan Klein, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #65December 30, 2014

Sean and Hayes finally weigh in on the Cosby situation and explain why Bill has yet to respond to recent allegations. Then, hot stand-up comedian DAN KLEIN is in the studio to talk about his pay to watch model of his self…


Bonus: Best of Vol. 5: The Nasty Hits

improv4humans #141.5July 8, 2014

All the way from shitting robots to smegma cheese shops and beyond! It's the bonus best of improv4humans with Matt Besser aka the nasty hits featuring Ian Roberts, Lauren Lapkus, Joe Wengert, Tim Meadows, Charlie Sanders, Betsy Sodaro, John Gemberling, Stephanie Allynne,…


Porta Potty Sushi

improv4humans #137June 5, 2014

Paul Rust, Neil Campbell, Mookie Blaiklock, and Dan Klein join Matt Besser for an improv5humans that will make you think twice about where your sushi comes from. They'll explore the lives of different people trapped inside a basement, why you shouldn't pet…

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