Dave Theune

Dave Theune is an actor/writer/improvisor/comedian living in Los Angeles. He has been on HBO’s Funny or Die, a few of commercials, several Funny or Die and College Humor internet vids. He currently performs at UCB with Bangarang, Bonafide, and Midbest.

Guest Appearances

Beef Bank

Comedy Bang Bang #762June 19, 2022

Prospective buyer Craig Zlist aka Fishy joins Scott to talk about being an independent retailer and his beef money. Then, author Ethel B. Dumphrey drops by to talk about becoming her family’s dog to be closer to her kids. Plus, pharmacist Ernie…


A Bar Mangled Manor

Comedy Bang Bang #740January 16, 2022

Song parodist Alimony Tony returns to talk to Scott about his exciting new divorce. Then, attorney Robby Delmuda drops by to talk about representing himself in a major trial. Later, Max the Dog stops by in hopes of getting adopted. Plus, Alimony…


Dave Theune - Spotlight On: Dobby Teacups

WOMP It Up! #84February 18, 2019

Branch Manager of The Associate Bank of Marina Del Rey Dobby Teacups (Dave Theune of UCB, Future Man) joins Marissa and Listler for a very British WOMP It Up! We’ll find out how the bank makes its money and what crimes led…


Bangarang!: Camp Wony Pony's Weekly Wrap-Up Podcast

Hey Campers! Welcome back to Camp Wony Pony’s Weekly Wrap-Up Podcast where we talk about the news, scares, and whose Hot or Not at our camp this week! Join campers Ralpha, Tabitha, Alpha, Cynthia, Ricky, Markisa, and Goop (Adam McCabe, Betsy Sodaro,…


Betsy Sodaro, Dave Theune: Home for the Holidays

Welcome back to Home for the Holidays with your hosts Abby Joe Dunce (Betsy Sodaro) and Brett Dunce (Dave Theune)! It’s the only seasonal program where we bring back someone home for the holidays. This week is a very special episode in…



improv4humans #183April 16, 2015

Drew DiFonzo Marks, Dave Theune, Ryan Meharry, and James Mastraieni regularly perform together as Tatertown and this week they join Matt Besser for a special improv5humans! We’ll hear what it’s like on a deserted island with a bunch of know-it-alls, when The…


Casey Feigh, Dave Theune: NBA on NPR

Welcome to NBA on NPR, the only NBA broadcast on NPR with your hosts Bill, 3-time NBA Champion (Dave Theune) and Phil, 3-time Fantasy League Champion (Casey Feigh)! Joining them as always is true NBA insider The Gooch. They’ll give us the…


Rudeness with Sassy Bluff

improv4humans #164December 11, 2014

Alex Berg, Dave Theune, and Nick Mandernach are together known as Sassy Bluff. They join Matt Besser this week to look for the new mascot for Moscow, show what happens when the clothing optional rule at Vassar college goes too far, and…


Bonus Cut: Bump It

improv4humans #44.5September 18, 2012

It’s time to get warmed up for this week’s bonus episode of improv4humans! Our guests Lauren Lapkus, Dave Theune, and Eugene Cordero go to work with a scene inspired by a story about a rival town.


Straight Holes

improv4humans #44September 13, 2012

You’ll want to give someone a Christian Hug after listening to this week’s improv4humans! Lauren Lapkus, Dave Theune, and Eugene Cordero join Matt Besser to make purple with a special Lauren Lapkus Birthday episode filled with scenes about tripping on mushrooms, the…

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