David Huntsberger

David Huntsberger is a stand-up comedian who you might recognize from his appearances on Doug Loves Movies and The Biggest Mistake Podcast. Or perhaps you’ve seen him touring with comics like Nick Swardson, Doug Benson, or his Professor Blastoff co-host Tig Notaro. Maybe you’re such a fan that you have his albums Hello Robot and Humanitis. Maybe you should BECOME such a fan that you have those albums. Find David every Tuesday co-hosting Professor Blastoff right here on Earwolf.

Guest Appearances

The Thing

The year was 1982, and John Carpenter was white hot. Coming off a string of successes like Halloween and Escape From New York, Universal Studios approached him to direct a remake of Howard Hawkes’ The Thing From Another World. The result was The Thing, a landmark sci-fi…


Stay in Bowling!

Sklarbro Country #346March 10, 2017

Actor, comedian, and director of "Fist Fight" Richie Keen joins Randy and Jason for this week's Sklarbro Country! We hear about Jerry Lawler's crime reminder and an Alberta man stockpiling missiles before the Sklars talk to Richie about his ten-year directing career…


Baby Hustle

Sklarbro Country #345March 3, 2017

Comedian Kurt Braunohler joins Randy and Jason this week to catch some Country waves! We hear about a naked track team drop-in and an NHL player who tussles with teens before the Sklars dive in deep with Kurt. They chat about his…


Sklarbro County 239

Sklarbro Country #334.5December 20, 2016

Comedian David Huntsberger co-hosts this week with Randy and Jason to welcome long-time showfriend Beth Hoyt back to the County. They discuss the benefits of a one-way Mars trip before getting into Stories. David brings tales of a long-distance sandwich seeker and…


20 Things Sci-Fi Promised Us That We Want Now

In a way, science-fiction has not only predicted the future but created it as well. The works of Jules Verne inspired the first submarines and Star Trek's communicators and tablets clearly inspired the smart phones and computers and voice-activated assistants we use…


Midler On the Roof

Sklarbro Country #306June 3, 2016

New Zealand actor Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords and Wrecked visits the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Rhys, Randy, and Jason talk about What We Do in the Shadows, the evolution of Flight of the Conchords, playing Psycho Sam in…


Why Humanity Is Doomed To Fight Over Insignificant Problems

Sorry to get personal, but which way do you wipe? The only reason we ask is because a recent thread (http://goo.gl/49Viln) melted the Cracked.com forums when our dear readers realized that people had slightly different bathroom preferences than them. As we looked…


Sklarbro County 202

Comedian, director and writer Michael Showalter talks to the Sklars about making his new movie "Hello, My Name is Doris." Daniel Van Kirk's County Stories include a clown who was arrested for smoking meth at a waffle house and a woman who…


Second-Hand Watch Store

Sklarbro Country #292February 26, 2016

"Idiotsitter" stars Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse join Randy and Jason on this week's Sklarbro Country. But first, Nick Cage drops by the studio and talks to Nick Cage on the phone. Jillian and Charlotte talk about the making of "Idiotsitter." The…


Sklarbro County 196

Sklarbro Country #291.5February 23, 2016

Actress Maria Thayer and comedian David Huntsberger join the Sklars for a special episode of Sklarbro County. They discuss Maria's experience co-starring in the show "Those Who Can't" and where a suspiciously delicious pizza from a kids' restaurant was made. David fills…


Mind-Melting Theories About Consciousness and Your Soul

The Cracked Podcast #109February 15, 2016

Where Western medicine ends is often the place where eye-rolling begins. Just the mere mention of alternative medicine brings up imagery of snake-oil salesmen, chakras and crystals. But in the modern world, we're so devoted to the materialistic side of science–the stuff…


The 2015 Character Episode

Sklarbro Country #284January 1, 2016

It's the time of year when we give thanks to the celebs who populate the Sklarbro Country universe! Randy and Jason welcome special guests Nicholas Cage, Robert Durst, Michael Caine, Christoph Waltz, Bill Walton, Ozzie Guillen, Mark Wahlberg, Racist Vin Scully, Tiger…


Sklarbro County 170

Sklarbro Country #265.5August 25, 2015

This week, the Sklars welcome Richard Fulcher and guest host David Huntsberger. Together, they discuss the art of developing a stand up routine and knowing when to stick to it and when to go off the cuff. Then, David covers headlines that…


Sklarbro County 166

This week Randy and Jason welcome to the show Dave Huntsberger, who talks about his new show Reactor on the Syfy Network. Also, Daniel Van Kirk covers headlines that include a man who does private dances for the police, a renaissance fair…


Squeezing Dicky V

Sklarbro Country #243March 20, 2015

Randy and Jason kick off the episode with takes about a minor league baseball player who lands himself in “Sklarbrotration” and a European Soccer player who longs for a piece of the Berlin Wall.  Then, the Sklars welcome to the show fellow…


Baby Cannibalism

Sklarbro Country #240February 27, 2015

Randy and Jason start the episode with whether or not Nascar driver Kurt Busch is in fact dating a trained Assassin, why Jay Cutler leading the Chicago bears to a 5-11 season is the worst thing he can do as a father,…


The Annual Sklarbro Character Show

Sklarbro Country #233January 8, 2015

It’s the annual Character show! In the greatest collaboration of celebrity talk radio, Randy and Jason bring together the likes of Dennis Rodman, Doug Buffone, Jerry Jones, Steven Seagal, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Leykis, Dick Vitale, Tiger Woods, Robert Siegel, D.R. Tuttle, Jesse…


Uta Hagen-Dazs

Sklarbro Country #217September 19, 2014

Talented actor and Michigan graduate, Matt Letscher stops by the calming shores to talk about his new movie that the Sklars are in,  'Teacher of the Year', getting into your High School's Hall of Fame, being a serious and working actor, wearing those…


Sklarbro County 119

Sklarbro Country #214.5September 2, 2014

The creator and star of Drunk History, Derek Waters joins the boys with many tales of the Baltimore Orioles and Pearl Jam on today's Sklarbro County! We get deep into Derek’s love of the Baltimore Orioles, the Cal Ripken & Kevin Costner…


Let's Fucking Go!

Sklarbro Country #209July 25, 2014

Long Snapper, former SNL cast member, and Cheap Seats vet, Jeff Richards, joins the Sklar Brothers on the calming shores of Sklarbro Country. Tune in to hear the Sklars break down the website snafu of the Orlando Predators and hear Jeff explain…


Bikini, Me

Ronna & Beverly #81June 6, 2014

Straight man/comedian/podcaster David Huntsberger joins Ronna & Beverly inside the Earwolf studios to chat about how he went from being a substitute teacher to a career in stand-up comedy, being a pretty normal person, making shoes, and why he thinks the act…


Character Choices

Sklarbro Country #202June 6, 2014

The ever fantastic Romany Malco stops by the calming shores of Sklarbro Country to talk about feeding life into the film industry, going though Bootcamp in the Marine Corps, and Japanese sports.  Plus the Sklars talk about performing at Second City, getting…


Cum Sock Bet

Sklarbro Country #195April 18, 2014

Super hilarious stand-up comedian and longtime Sklarbuddy Ari Shaffir of The Skeptic Tank & Punch Drunk sports podcast finally makes his way to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! We’ll hear what it was like for Ari to tell his very religious…


Love Will Conquer Balls

Sklarbro Country #191March 21, 2014

Dannah Feinglass Phirman is a MADtv alum, original member of the legendary improv/sketch troupe Respecto Montalban, co-creator of Hulu's The Hotwives of Orlando, and brings the lady energy to this week's Sklarbro Country! Dannah tells us all about her misadventures growing up…


That Ottoman's Moving!

Sklarbro Country #185February 7, 2014

You’ve seen her in Burning Love, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and on stage everywhere, but today Natasha Leggero joins the guys in Sklarbro Country. Listen in as they discuss high art, Natasha’s strangest set (hint: Thailand), and her biggest issue with…


The 2014 Character Extravaganza

Sklarbro Country #180January 3, 2014

Once again the characters that inhabit Sklarbro Country have gathered together to share what their year was like and what we can expect from them in the new year. Join Randy and Jason as they welcome special guests Dennis "The Worm" Rodman,…


Blowing the Medium

Sklarbro Country #175November 29, 2013

Treat yourself this Thanksgiving weekend to a trip to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country with musician/Howard Stern collaborator/Twitter specialist Eli Braden! Eli guides us through his musical journey from the days of opening for The Call with his band Beggars to…


Armstronging Them

Sklarbro Country #171November 1, 2013

Reward yourself after your long Halloween night with a trip to the calming shores with Professor Blastoff’s own David Huntsberger! David opens up a bit about his early pursuits of comedy and getting support from his grandma, chats about the science of…


Loan Sharps

Sklarbro Country #170October 25, 2013

Best known from Cheap Seats and a little movie called The Hangover, the fantastic Ed Helms visits the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Ed tells us about how he went from doing stand up in New York to being on The Daily…



Sklarbro Country #156July 19, 2013

The wonderful Oscar Nunez makes his first appearance on the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Randy and Jason discuss the super secret wedding of the one and only Lebron James before getting to know our guest. Oscar shares his experience dealing with…


Effy Scotty Fitzy

Sklarbro Country #140March 29, 2013

Comedian and Chappelle Show co-creator, Neal Brennan, comes to the calming shores on today's Sklarbro Country! The guys start by talking about Donte' Stallworth crashing a hot air ballon into a power line, Stevan Segal and Vladimir Putin finally joining forces, and…


A Nighy for a Nye

Sklarbro Country #136March 1, 2013

You don’t have to believe in ancient gravity to love this episode of Sklarbro Country! Randy & Jason talk about a twitter feud between intellectual equals Jose Canseco and Bill Nye and then they discuss an entire Irish hockey team that walked away from…


Sklarbro County 38

Sklarbro Country #133.5February 12, 2013

David Huntsberger of Professor Blastoff keeps it all in the Earwolf family on today’s Sklarbro County! David recaps his Superbowl viewing experience and then they get straight to the headlines including: a couple that can’t get past their butt chugging habit and…

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