David Raphael

David Raphael is the founder and CEO of Public Media Marketing. 

Guest Appearances

September 17, 2015

Go behind the scenes of the sponsorships that support top public radio podcasts—like This American Life, The Moth, and Serial—with Adam’s guest David Raphael, founder and CEO of Public Media Marketing. David recalls how his career in public media caused him to see an unfilled need among many shows, leading to the founding of PMM. He then explains the differences between selling broadcast sponsorships and podcast ads, both with regard to conforming to FCC standards, and with regard to the very different audience demographics between each medium, even for the same show. Adam and David discuss selling sponsorships for the first season of Serial, and how David is managing sponsors for the highly anticipated second season. Finally, David tackles the question of if podcast-style ads are compromising public radio’s “public-ness” and what advice he would give to podcasters, based on what he’s learned from working with top shows.