DeMorge Brown

DeMorge Brown is a comedian with countless credits on websites like Channel 101, FunnyOrDie, UCBComedy and more. He has performed as Barack Obama (the puppet) on Jimmy Kimmel Live, as Don King on Web Soup, and as various characters on MADtv. This guy is prolific. If you search his name on a comedy video website, your computer will explode. But don’t just believe me, try it for yourself!

Guest Appearances

September 1, 2011

For all our optimist and idealist listeners: You’ll enjoy a nice change of pace this week as Drew opens the show with a list of things he loves! However, Eddie Pepitone is one of our guests so you know that bright sunny feeling won’t last long. He joins Drew and DeMorge Brown on a hostage situation, an acid trip, and a visit to Inside the Actor’s Studio. We round it out with some inside baseball about the rules of improv and the art of bombing. Hanson, Del Monte Peaches, Jenna Elfman, it’s all in here!