Denver Dalley

Denver Dalley is a singer-songwriter from Omaha, Nebraska. Dalley collaborated with Conor Oberst of the band Bright Eyes in the politically charged indie rock band Desaparecidos. After the caesura of Desaparecidos, Dalley moved onto other projects, including Statistics- a successful electronic-tinged solo project, Intramural- a new project also influenced by electronic music, Two of Cups- a collaborative effort with Leta Lucy.

Guest Appearances

May 15, 2013

Denver Dalley of Desaparecidos, Statistics, and Har Mar band sits down to have a little post-tour chat with Har Mar on today’s Nocturnal Emotions! Denver & Har Mar talk about their tour highlights, dorm living, and the legendary Patrick Swayze. Plus, Denver shares his childhood dream of having a lifestyle similar to that of James Bond during Let’s Create A Show and plays a game of Let Me Ruin Your Favorite Song with Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone.”