Dick Glover

Dick Glover created the very first ESPN website, was the Vice President of Broadcasting for NASCAR, and is currently the President of Funny or Die. So, you know, whatever. Kind of lame credits, if you ask me. Ho hum. I’m not cowering in his presence or nothin’.

Guest Appearances

September 15, 2011

Hopefully most of you have visited Funny or Die since Monday and know about our new partnership with them. If you haven’t, this episode will answer a lot of questions. Even if you have, you’ll learn from Dick Glover, President of Funny or Die, how the partnership came to be, how the website itself came to be, and what it’s like to work for such a popular comedy entity. This is the guy who made ESPN.com back in ’92, so he’s got amazing amounts of insight into the digital world and where it is headed. I’ll give you a hint: QR codes and hoodies.