Dillon Campbell

Dillon Campbell is a singer-songwriter who has taken his years of pain and strife and turned it into song. His influences range from David Bowie to Ray LaMontage making him the kind of eccentric 21st century crooner one might expect from the son Glen Campbell. He has two EPs, both of which are available from his website: Light Observation and Save Yourself.

Guest Appearances

Don't Cry Rolling Skate Train

Comedy Bang Bang #76.5October 19, 2010

After all the goofing around of the previous hour, the guys get some business done the second half of the show. Not only do they play What Am I Thinking?, Jukebox Jury, and Would You Rather?, but Dame Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber…


Can He Sing, Jeremy Piven?

Comedy Bang Bang #76October 13, 2010

With Zach Galifianakis's hectic schedule these days, he hasn't had a chance to drop by the studio lately. Well, he makes up for it in this TWO PART EPISODE! In the first half, Zach discusses with us all the pressing issues in…

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