DJ Douggpound

DJ Douggpound is a joke DJ, comedian, actor, editor, and 1/3 of the podcast The Champs with Moshe Kasher & Neal Brennan.

Guest Appearances

Buncha Zepp

Who Charted? #399July 31, 2018

Legendary comedian, editor, and Squatmelt fav DJ Douggpound joins Howard and co-host Steven Brody Stevens to catch up ‘round the scene on another Who Charted! They get nostalgic for cereal and brush up on their Twisted Sister history while counting down the…


Building The Track Pt. 6

Jon Daly and renaissance man DJ Douggpound agree that there are not enough positive songs about popes out there. They unite to fix this problem! Listen to hear the behind the scenes process of what eventually becomes Pope House!   (Special thanks…

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