Dom Irrera

Dom Irrera is a stand-up comedian and actor.

Guest Appearances

April 29, 2014

Join Kevin as he sits down with comedian Dom Irrera (Bob’s Burgers) to discuss his career beginning with recalling the first joke he ever wrote. Dom chats about portraying an Italian Rabbi in Fiddler on the Roof, his awards being the only items to fly off the shelves during a recent earthquake, and being corrected by Bea Arthur at craft service.

November 15, 2013

Fearless comedy legend Dom Irrera delights us with many tales from his unbelievable career, including interviewing football greats as a host for Comedy Central’s football show Offsides to opening for Cher at Madison Square Garden. Dom also tells us about going way back with Bruce Willis, explains how his appearance on Rodney Dangerfield’s Young Comedians Special was explosive for his stand-up career, and describes a little incident which occurred on the set of The Big Lebowski. Later, a recovering Matthew McConaughey returns from making an Oscar worthy performance in Dallas Buyers Club to tell us how he accessed a turbulent part of his personality for the part and what role he will tackle next. Make sure to join the Sklar Bros for their one-hour special tapings (Saturday, February 22nd) at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI.