Drew Droege

Drew Droege is a delightful comedy sprite who brings us a heaping spoonful of Glitter in the Garbage each week. He teaches improv at The Groundlings, rocks out in the band The Discount Cruise to Hell, and plays one of the world’s most beloved fantastical creatures in Planet Unicorn. If you google Chloe Sevigny, one of the first results is one of Drew’s videos gently teasing the fashion-designer-actress-model-weirdo. Listen to Glitter in the Garbage each Thursday on Earwolf!

Host Information

Glitter in the Garbage

Glitter in the Garbage is a celebration of all things fancy, classy, and important. Your host, Drew Droege, and his friends will play obscure celebrities who celebrate, fight, and feast upon the filth. It's like a salon, without all that boring intellect.

Guest Appearances

Candy Crisis

Ronna & Beverly #102March 13, 2015

The very hilarious Drew Droege joins Ronna & Beverly to chat about growing up wanting to be a serious actor, how Melissa McCarthy inspired him to join the Groundlings, why the candy industry is ruining candy, the coined term lesbian bed death,…


Piano Fingers!

Totally Laime #172May 17, 2013

He's a fan and host favorite in the Laime household and probably in your household as well - performer, comedian, actor, writer, all around great guy, Drew Droege came on for the third time and charmed us per usual. We talk about…


Liz and Dick

How Did This Get Made? #51December 11, 2012

Join us as we discuss the crazy time jumps and smashed bottles that make up Lifetimes Liz & Dick. We discuss everything from the career of Lindsay Lohan to the inexpiable togas seen throughout the film.  Don't forget to grab your Vodka Vodka and…


Drew Droege

The Wolf Den #47December 29, 2011

Drew Droege treated us to Glitter in the Garbage for a year here on Earwolf. Now he joins Jeff in The Wolf Den to discuss his life in the south, the mistakes he made as a young artist, the relationship between comedian…


Sore Throats!

Totally Laime #14May 7, 2010

Whether you know him from the Groundlings, from Reno 911, or just from being hands down one of the funniest guys in comedy, you're about to get to know him a little bit better - DREW DROEGE, our favoritest LA comedy guy!…


Winter Olympic Fever

Comedy Bang Bang #41February 19, 2010

The winter Olympics are here, and I know what you all are thinking: “What does Academy Award nominated singer/songwriter Aimee Mann think of the winter Olympics?” Well don't you worry your pretty little head, because you get 15 solid minutes of Olympic…

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