Drew Spears

Drew Spears is a comedian, writer and actor based in Los Angeles. He is a native of Fort Worth, Texas and attended the University of Miami where he began performing comedy at the age of eighteen. Drew began studying at UCBTLA in 2011 with wonderful teachers including Joe Wengert, Tim Kalpakis, Alex Fernie, Todd Fasen, Mike Still, Drew DiFonzo Marks, Billy Merritt and Will McLaughlin. Drew can currently be seen at the theater with his Harold team Cardinal Redbird, writing for his Maude team Last Slice, and in his one-person character sketch show “The Drew Spears School of Communication Alumni Week” or the new play “Last Day at The Hollywood Cafe”. He is a writer for UCB’s Digital Writers’ Room, CBS’ Diversity Showcase and various online enterprises. You can see Drew perform with the rest of “The Rat Pack” at countless UCB bit shows. Ring-A-Ding-Ding!

Guest Appearances

San Fermin and the Cobbler Role Play

improv4humans #311October 5, 2017

Musical guest San Fermin joins improvisers Matt Newell, Drew Spears, and Mike McLendon for this week’s improv4humans! San Fermin plays songs off their new album that inspire scenes about using bait on a first date, staging heavy-handed plays about breakups, and a…


The Family Crest and the Love Shareholders

improv4humans #299July 13, 2017

The Family Crest joins improvisers Jon Gabrus, Mary Holland, and Drew Spears for this week’s episode of improv4humans! The Family Crest plays a few of their favorite hits which inspire scenes about forgetting the army band, family troubles resulting from global warming,…


Summer Stache

improv4humans #197July 23, 2015

Dan Lippert, Drew Tarver, Drew Spears, and Echo Kellum join Matt Besser for a jam packed improv5humans! They’ll look to a party hero for guidance when crisis hits, break the rock band norms, and pitch new Subway games. They also check in…


We Need to Talk About Kevin

improv4humans #185April 30, 2015

Drew Spears, Andrew Hansen, and Beth Appel of the UCB-LA Harold team Cardinal Redbird all learn more about Thomas the Milk Man’s new intern Kevin on this week’s improv4humans with Matt Besser! As we get to know more about Kevin, you’ll hear…


Decomposing Corpse TV

improv4humans #173February 5, 2015

Drew Spears, Neil Casey, and Brian Huskey find a visor mirror that shows the ultimate truth on this week’s improv4humans with Matt Besser! They’ll also go on a romantic journey with an Autobot, meet an existential stoner, and become the group of…


Cory Branan and the Google Goggles

improv4humans #161November 20, 2014

Special musical guests Cory Branan & Taylor Locke joins Jon Gabrus, Will Hines, and Drew Spears to create the next gen Google Goggles in a musical edition of improv4humans with Matt Besser! Cory & Taylor play songs that inspire scenes about feeling…

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