Dustin Chafin

Dustin Chafin is a comedian.

Guest Appearances

Spicening of the American Palate

Fake The Nation #179December 19, 2019

Dan Pashman and Dustin Chafin join Negin to discuss the latest on the Afghanistan Papers and how civility has changed during the Trump Era. Then they ask: should the United States should be more like the capitalist paradise Finland?


The Great Debates Debate

Fake The Nation #154June 27, 2019

Christian Finnegan, Dustin Chafin, and Gaby Alter join Negin to talk about the first democratic debate, a growing argument against college, and the UK’s ban on sexist ads.   This episode is sponsored by PaintYourLife (text FAKE to 48-48-48) and Upstart (www.upstart.com/FAKE).

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