Eddie Deezen

Eddie Deezen is an American actor, voice actor and comedian best known for his bit parts as nerd characters in 1970s and 1980s films such as GreaseGrease 2Midnight Madness1941 and WarGames.

Guest Appearances

March 18, 2018

Actor Eddie Deezen (“Grease,” “1941,” “The Polar Express”) joins Gilbert and Frank for a look back at his memorable roles in iconic ’70s and ’80s movies, his early days as a stand-up comic and his unforgettable encounters with Andy Griffith, John Belushi, Jerry Lewis and Mickey Rooney. Also, Eddie loses his lunch, Jack Nicholson loses his cool, Morgan Fairchild turns on the charm and Count Dracula shares the screen with “Weezie” Jefferson. PLUS: Remembering Marvin Kaplan! The return of Fake Shemp! The cinema of Fred Olen Ray! Steven Spielberg presents the Beatles! And Gilbert sings the theme from “Zapped!”

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