Eli Braden

Eli Braden is one of the funniest men on Twitter. He’s also a frequent musical contributor to The Howard Stern Show. His name is Eli Braden. Oh wait, that was covered? Alright then…oh, his name is Eli Braden.

Guest Appearances

For the Good of the Show

Sklarbro Country #294March 11, 2016

Comedian and musician Eli Braden joins Randy and Jason to discuss his show-worthy personal life. Eli also describes his diverse career in the entertainment industry, which includes jobs in music, comedy and an upcoming documentary. Later, Nick Cage pitches a big change…


Blowing the Medium

Sklarbro Country #175November 29, 2013

Treat yourself this Thanksgiving weekend to a trip to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country with musician/Howard Stern collaborator/Twitter specialist Eli Braden! Eli guides us through his musical journey from the days of opening for The Call with his band Beggars to…



The Fogelnest Files #6October 16, 2012

Rock legend Eli Braden drops by to talk about the world of ROCK!!!!!! on today’s in-studio edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Eli tells us about his involvement with the Howard Stern Show, plays a song he pitched to Ted Nugent, and shares…


Best of Year Two!

Totally Laime #104January 27, 2012

Can you believe we've done Totally Laime for TWO WHOLE YEARS?! It is utter insanity, as is this episode where we go guestless and share some of our favorite moments from our past year of podcasting. Plus, how do we fare at…



Totally Laime #96December 2, 2011

Do you like music? How about comedy? Are you into people bringing ridiculous plates of food to the movies? I gotta tell you, this episode is perfect for you! Musical comedian and Twitter superstar Eli Braden totally brings it and we have…

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