Eric Fitch

Eric Fitch

Eric Fitch has almost 20 years of early-stage, venture-backed, technology company experience spanning many industries, including biotech, healthcare, consumer electronics, photonics, and smart materials. With responsibilities from product development and business development to outside sales and team management, Fitch has excelled at building both technical and business relationships with senior executives in several industries. He thrives in entrepreneurial, high energy environments and loves to ensure success at the interface between the market and the company’s products and vision.

Guest Appearances

BONUS! Why All Your Favorite Movies Are About The Apocalypse

The Cracked Podcast #100December 13, 2015

From 'Mad Max' to 'San Andreas' to 'The Avengers,' the most popular movies of our times are about how we fear our world will end. We're obsessed with stories of drought, natural disaster, nuclear war, zombies, aliens and robots. We fear the…

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