Erik Diehn

Erik Diehn is Midroll Media’s VP of Business Development. Erik joined Midroll from New York Public Radio.

Guest Appearances

Erik Diehn, CEO of Stitcher

The Wolf Den #156November 21, 2018

Stitcher CEO Erik Diehn returns to join Lex on The Wolf Den. Erik gives updates of Midroll and Stitcher’s recent “brand rotation,” and how it affects the company’s strategy going forward. Then, Erik outlines how the the recent acquisition of Triton Digital…


Erik Diehn, Midroll Media CEO

The Wolf Den #120May 15, 2017

Midroll Media CEO Erik Diehn returns to The Wolf Den. The group discusses the formation of the East Coast office, the future of Stitcher, and the value of premium content and partnerships in podcasting.


Midroll's Erik Diehn and Lex Friedman

The Wolf Den #109July 7, 2016

Find out what’s happening behind the scenes at Midroll and Earwolf during this very busy summer, as Midroll's Erik Diehn and Lex Friedman join Adam for his very last episode hosting The Wolf Den. Adam recently stepped aside from his position of…


Erik Diehn, Midroll Media VP of Business Development

The Wolf Den #89October 1, 2015

Adam goes deep into the business of podcasting with Erik Diehn, Midroll Media's VP of Business Development, touching on how Erik finds and signs new shows, how public radio came to dominate the top of the charts, and on the advertising technologies…

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