Erik Tanouye

Erik Tanouye is a comedian who can be seen every Saturday night performing with The Curfew at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea. He is also senior writer for the UCBComedy’s topical and pop culture group, Pocketwatch. Until recently he was a writer for the house sketch comedy team (212). His popular twitter feed is available here: He has been a writer/performer at the UCB since 2002. He co-wrote the viral hit “BP Spills Coffee” video (in which he also appears as a Halliburton employee). Erik has directed many Maude Night shows in the past and written for Neighbor Boy, Chunk, and Dinner. As an improviser, he performed at Harold night for eight years as a member of Grandma’s Ashes, Bastian, The Scam, 1985, The Shoves, and Dillinger. He is originally from Rockville, Maryland, he is half Japanese and half German. He was a contributing writer for the Onion’s ONN video network, directed acclaimed improv shows by I Eat Pandas and T.J. Monkeys, and co-wrote and performed in the sketch shows “Proceed With Honor” and “Red Christmas” at the UCB Theatre. He has an English degree from Dartmouth College and is currently Director of Student Affairs for the UCB Training Center. He lives in Brooklyn.

Guest Appearances

August 10, 2015

Wompler & Listler are back and this time they’re broadcasting from a Barnes & Noble in the Big Apple! We hear why Wompler got fired from her summer job as a lifeguard and why Listler postponed her wedding. Then, Nathan Ponsor (Erik Tanouye), editor of the Lifestyle column for the Daily Dolphin newspaper at Marina Del Ray High joins them to talk publicly for the first time without feeling nauseous about his summer radio internship in New York City, what got him into the gossip game, and where he sees his romantic future going. Plus, everyone gives listeners advice on toothpaste, homecoming, and “Flop, There It Is” during Listler’s Love Lockdown.