Eva Anderson

Eva Anderson writes and performs with the sketch group A Kiss From Daddy, and coaches the maude team Oh, Brother! Her writing credits include This Show Will Get You High (Comedy Central pilot), The Onion News Network (contributing writer), and Comedy Bang! Bang!, airing on IFC.

Guest Appearances

Super Mayrio - Hotel Mario with Eva Anderson

How Did This Get Played? begins its month long exploration of the worst and weirdest Mario offerings by kicking off Super Mayrio with a discussion about Hotel Mario with Eva Anderson! They talk about the memes, the eccentric developers, the voice acting…


The Vow

improv4humans #464September 16, 2020

Mookie Blaiklock aka LilMookieB joins Matt Besser to discuss of his podcast YOU ARE WORTHY. LilMookieB shares thoughts upon therapy, empathy, and why comedy is no longer of his focus, as more important being the spreading of love and positivity upon the world.…


Return of the Obra Dinn with Eva Anderson

Eva Anderson (Dispatches from Elsewhere, Briarpatch) returns to the show to talk Return of the Obra Dinn with Nick and Heather! They talk about the nostalgic graphics, the obtuse puzzle solutions, and more.


Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love (In Several Wrong Places) (w/ Eva Anderson)

Eva Anderson (Briarpatch, Dispatches from Elsewhere) returns to the show to discuss the second game in the Leisure Suit Larry series, Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places)! They talk about the aggravating and obtuse solutions, the lack…


Leisure Suit Larry w/ Eva Anderson

Eva Anderson (Briarpatch, You’re The Worst) joins Nick and Heather to discuss the horny point and click adventure game, Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded. They talk about the series’ history, Al Lowe’s Humor Site, and more! This episode is brought to you by…


The Bad Seed

The Canon #96October 3, 2016

Special guest and writer for FX's "You're the Worst" Eva Anderson joins Devin and Amy this week to review the 1956 film "The Bad Seed." They explore the pop psychology of the film as well as the many layers of Patty McCormack's…


The Creeeeeeepy Halloween Special

Comedy Bang Bang #252October 28, 2013

Beware listeners, today's spOoOoky edition of Comedy Fang! Fang! might be too scary for the faint hearted but hopefully the zombie killing expertise of The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun will help you face your fears! Join Scott & Steven (if you dare)…

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