Gar Ryness

Gar Ryness, better known as the Batting Stance Guy, is an American sports entertainer and Youtube phenomenon. He is known for his ability to perform spot-on impressions of the batting stances of Major League Baseball players. He can mimic the batting stances of the starting line-ups of all 30 MLB teams with alarming accuracy


Guest Appearances

Talkin' Baseball

Sklarbro Country #349March 31, 2017

Gar Ryness and Jonah Keri return to Sklarbro Country this week to dive headfirst into a discussion about the World Baseball Classic. They talk to the Sklars about why the Classic amps up the enthusiasm from the crowd and share personal stories…


Sklarbro County 218

"Batting Stance Guy" Gar Ryness slides home to Sklarbro County this week to talk about mimicking Pete Rose to his face, Aaron Boone's recent foray into batting imitations, and juggling sports enthusiasm with adult life. Daniel Van Kirk brings a story about…


Sklarbro County 207

Comedian Gar Ryness, aka Batting Stance Guy, joins the Sklars to discuss baseball and new trends of MLB players' batting stances. Daniel Van Kirk brings County Stories of a pizza-made pizza box and a man who was angry after being asked not…



Sklarbro Country #221October 17, 2014

Randy and Jason kick off the episode with “Sklarbrotration,” where in, they issue proper punishment for anybody who wanders into the action of a professional sporting event. Later, joined by Dave Anthony and Gar Ryness, the SklarBros revolutionize the world of podcasts…


Sklarbro County 99

Sklarbro Country #194.5April 15, 2014

Hilarious stand-up comedian & The Pete Holmes Show writer Jamie Lee brings some much needed lady energy to this week's Sklarbro County! Jamie talks about the one time she was make out rejected during Spring Break, her thoughts on having kids, and…


Sklarbro County 71

Sklarbro Country #166.5October 1, 2013

Human sports jukebox Gar Ryness returns to the Sklarbro universe to talk baseball playoffs and make predictions on this week's Sklarbro County! Dan Van Kirk and his ridiculous news stories go international as he brings us some crazy stories from across the…


Sklarbro County 4

Sklarbro Country #99.5June 19, 2012

Gar Ryness, the Batting Stance Guy, brings his knowledge of major league quirks and mischievous college roommates to the calming shores. God's fiery messages, big fat fatty athletes, and subpar sandwiches are discussed. Plus, Bruce Jenner leaves a musical voicemail.


Ally McVeal

Sklarbro Country #84March 2, 2012

Hand back the hash browns, stow away your toboggan, put on a warm sweater and settle in for some Sklarbro Country! Cheap Seats favorite Jon Glaser is in the hot seat to reminisce about his time with Randy and Jason on Cheap…

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