Gayle Skidmore

Gayle Skidmore has been performing and touring in the US, UK and Europe as a solo artist and with a band for 13 years. She has released 7 independent albums since 2002, the last 3 on her own label, Raincoat Records. Since the beginning, her songs have been garnering awards. In 2008 her Cowley Road E.P. was on the ballot for the ’09 Grammys for “Best Pop Vocal Performance” and “Best Pop Album.” In 2009 she was featured in Germany’s prominent Seuddeutsche Zeitung and has since won several song competitions in The Netherlands. The Cowley Road E.P. was nominated for “Best Pop Album” in the 2009 San Diego Music Awards, and Gayle was nominated for “Best Americana” in the 2010 SDMAs. In early 2010 she released a single recorded by acclaimed artist Jason Mraz, and was a featured banjoist on The Softlightes upcoming album.

Guest Appearances

December 17, 2012

The prolific, poetic, and profoundly original Gayle Skidmore stops by to chat on this week’s Shortwave. Gayle talks about driving to Brooklyn from San Diego for her fans, catching up to releasing the almost 1700 songs she has written, and her dulcimer accident. Gayle also shares how a label stole her piano, what inspired her to create her very own coloring book, and what’s on the horizon for her in the upcoming year. Plus, we are treated to a couple of live songs including “Zombie Heart” from her “Zombie Heart E.P.”