George McGrath

George McGrath was a member of the Groundlings Company from 1984 to 1993. He performed with the company, taught in the school, directed the Sunday Show, created the long-running YOUR VERY OWN TV SHOW, co-starred in OLYMPIC TRIALS: A CHICK HAZARD MYSTERY with the late great Phil Hartman, and co-starred in another long-running show, ULTIMATE IDOL. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for his first writing job, PEE-WEE

Guest Appearances

November 17, 2011

Let us all give thanks for another episode of Glitter in the Garbage! For trashy Christian rockers and people who are terrible at their jobs. For sad loners joining together during the holidays. For handbags. Mostly for handbags. I’m thankful for Drew, Tom, Chase, and George, and I’m thankful that Jenna Elfman doesn’t listen to this podcast!