Grace Parra

Grace Parra is an American screenwriter, presenter, and actress who is a contributor on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

Guest Appearances

328: Georgia’s Anti-LGBTQ Adoption Bill, Gov. Eric Greitens, Guest Grace Parra

Attitudes! #328March 1, 2018

This week, Bryan talks about the new law in Georgia restriction adoptions for same sex couple and Senator Nan Orrock’s apt response. Then, Erin breaks down the scandal surrounding Missouri governor Eric Greitens and why it shows us that revenge porn is…


Can't Be Racist If Dating Other Ethnicities (w/ Cord Jefferson, Grace Parra)

Cord Jefferson (The Good Place, Master of None) and Grace Parra (Grace Anatomy) return to join Andrew to talk about people saying they can’t be racist if they are dating a person of a different ethnicity, the woman in Canada demanding a…


From Cabinet Members to Engaging with the Latino Community (w/ Grace Parra)

Yo, Is This Racist? #902December 7, 2016

Actress and comedian Grace Parra joins Andrew this week to talk about how much knowledge we should know on every cabinet member, engaging with the Latino community, and much more. As always, leave us a message about anything you think is racist…


Melania Trump Rides a Golden Throne (w/ Grace Parra, Devin Field)

Donald Trump's wife Melania (Grace Parra) and her manservants stop by Hard Nation to explain how she became genetically flawless, and tell the story of the time her husband rode a bus. Also: Gary Hargrove (Devin Field), a former Al Gore staffer,…


Grace Parra and Jennifer Bartels

Never Not Funny #1818June 16, 2016

Freaking out with Grace Parra and Jennifer Bartels. This episode is sponsored by Bonobos, Harry's, and Loot Crate.

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