Greta Titelman

Greta Titelman is a comedian, writer, and podcaster.

Guest Appearances

Weight Weight…Don't Tell Me!

Wee ooh wee ooh wee ooh! This week Mitra and special guest manager of the restaurant Greta Titelman offer advice on how to respond when your significant other sends you videos of them working out, dealing with a boyfriend’s recent obsession with…


Cherry Poppin' Baddies

This week Mitra and special guest co-host Greta Titelman give listeners aka chefs advice on topics ranging from sliding in the DMs, butt wiping, hooking up while you’re house sitting, and more. Ask us some q’s! Our number is 323-334-0371 + our email…


Club Worm (w/ Greta Titelman)

The one and only Greta Titelman is here to make you take your vitamins on this the day of her goddamn WEDDING. Vicky may be a "professional cross dresser by trade" but Miss Greta is the CEO of Club Worm! Get ready to go down some…


Thank You For Voting

Fake The Nation #122November 8, 2018

Josh Sharp (The Opposition) and Greta Titelman (Lady Lovin' podcast) join Negin to dissect the midterm results and their implications. Then, they discuss if the economy is doing as well as the numbers make it seem. Finally, with Russian meddling in our…

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