Hallie Cantor

Hallie Cantor is a writer known for Dollface, Arrested Development, and Lady Dynamite.

Guest Appearances

July 21, 2019

You can have too much money. (Not YOU specifically — you are a valued listener and deserve Scrooge McDuckian riches.) The world’s movie studios, TV networks, and other visual-fun production companies think they need an infinite budget to make the next ‘Star Wars’-type cultural phenomenon. But what if we told them the history of film & TV is packed with enormous successes that sprang from running out of money? And what if one of the prime examples of that is ‘Star Wars’ itself?

On this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by working writers Hallie Cantor, Ben Joseph, and Chase Mitchell to see how the biggest movies and TV shows stumbled into great ideas by not being able to pay for their first idea. Discover which region-defining TV show was supposed to be set in the wrong city & state, which British national epic almost had zero style, which defining film of the 1980s achieved greatness by lying to the cops, and so much more.

Footnotes: https://www.cracked.com/podcast/15-great-movie-tv-moments-caused-by-budget-problems/