Harvey Guillen

Harvey Guillen is an actor known for The Internship, Documentary Now!, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Guest Appearances

Harvey Guillén, Our Movies Friend

The Boys welcome HARVEY GUILLÉN to the show to help him make What We Do In The Shadows back into a movie.


She's Got A Little Tucker In Her

Voyage to the Stars #35October 21, 2019

Tucker and Elsa have switched bodies due to Nibor's faulty wish granting. Will they find a way to get back into their own skin? And what mayhem is Tucker going to get into while inhabiting Elsa? Feature special guest Harvey Guillen.


Gotta Rub Him The Right Way

Voyage to the Stars #34October 14, 2019

Tucker and his cohorts save a strange drifter from some wreckage in space. Meanwhile, Elsa struggles with her newly complicated dating life. Featuring special guest Harvey Guillén.


Harvey Guillen: Where The Fuck Have You Been?

Ever wondered what happened to your favorite child stars? Well, you've come to the right place! Where The Fuck Have You Been? with your host Britney St. Clair (Harvey Guillen) invites stars of yesteryear to chat about life after childhood stardom. This…

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