Henry Phillips

Henry Phillips is NOT the same Henry Phillips that patented the Phillips-head screwdriver. But that would be really cool if we could get that guy on Earwolf. No, this Henry Phillips is the guy you’ve heard on Dr. Demento or in his film Punching the Clown. He has four albums: On the Shoulders of Freaks, Number Two, Why Haven’t I Heard from You, and L.A. Dream.

Guest Appearances

February 15, 2017

Howard and Kulap welcome comedian, actor, and musician Henry Phillips to talk about celebrity toothbrush caches and the Lady Gaga/Metallica Grammys performance. Henry talks about working alongside an all-star comedy cast in the new film “Punching Henry” before sharing his passion for radio on a special Valentine’s Music Chart. Then, he reminisces with Howard about the good old days during the Movie Chart, and Stard shares his childhood summah memories on Two Charted.


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October 12, 2010

This week’s theme on Comedy Bang Bang is well-adjusted adults who take criticism well and never had issues being accepted as adolescents. Sleepwalker Mike Birbiglia shares with us, in Mike Birbiglia-style detail, how he and Nathan Lane became friends, what it’s like to do comedy at a college, and how close he was to becoming a world class break dancer. Songstress Henry Phillips sings about the joys of Los Angeles, how much he enjoyed high school, and how to just say “Oops” when something goes awry. Punk-Billionaire-Genius Mark Zuckerberg shares some data with Scott regarding their shared love of The Beatles, The Big Lebowski, and Asian women. Pop culture aficionados will enjoy a rare trailer for the film Nowhere Boy, which is one short game of Fortunately Unfortunately away from a fantastic round of plugs. Enjoy, and while I’ve got you here, you should go check the Earwolf Store for awesome t-shirts and downloads!