Hernan Lopez

Hernan Lopez is the founder and CEO of Wondery.

Guest Appearances

December 22, 2016

Go inside one of the most talked-about new entrants in podcasting with Hernan Lopez, a cable television veteran who founded Wondery at the start of the year. He joins the Wolf Den to discuss that transition from video to audio with hosts Chris Bannon and Lex Friedman. In fact, Hernan draws parallels between the early days of cable and podcasting, especially with regard to educating ad buyers. He explains why he started Wondery as a full-service network, and why they focused on fiction shows–including one musical–for their first full productions, reflecting on what TV’s transition to character-driven serials means for podcasting. Hernan also shares keen advice for podcasters while assessing the landscape for independent producers in 2017.

Listen to “The Gift of Listening” here: Smarturl.it/giftoflistening

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