Howard Kremer

Howard Kremer is a comedian. He’s performed stand-up on COMEDY CENTRAL and JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE. He’s appeared on many shows including AUSTIN STORIES, SCARE TACTICS, @MIDNIGHT, COMEDY BANG! BANG!, TAKE MY WIFE and BAJILLION DOLLAR PROPERTIE$. He has written for the shows HUMAN GIANT, PRETEND TIME, THE GOODE FAMILY, BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD and LOPEZ. He is the founder of the HAVE A SUMMAH movement. He is rapper DRAGON BOY SUEDE. He has 9 albums on iTunes. You can find Howard Kremer with Kulap Vilaysack every Wednesday hosting WHO CHARTED right here on Earwolf!

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Who Charted?

Howard Kremer brings on some of your favorite comedians to discuss the top 5 songs and movies of the week. Plus, Howard, the guests and Who Charted crew each bring a new song that they recommend over all the garbage on the charts.

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Guest Appearances

Songs of Summer

improv4humans #560July 20, 2022

Howard Kremer and Brett Morris join Matt Besser to share their picks for this year’s Songs of Summer! They’ll check out the latest from Lizzo, Dua Lipa, Latto, Leikeli47, GloRilla, Viagra Boys, Paolo Nutini, Wet Leg, Vandoliers, Kaitlin Butts, Haiku Hands, and…



Comedy Bang Bang #766July 17, 2022

Howard Kremer and Brett Morris of Who Charted? join Scott to talk about the early beginnings of their podcast, which is once again available for free, as well as in the brand new Chart Mart ( Then, hobbyist Hughie Chism stops by…


Besser’s Best Of Music 2021 with Howard Kremer

improv4humans #532January 5, 2022

Howard Kremer and Engineer Brett Morris join Matt Besser to announce their top music picks from the last year, including Best Workout Song, Angriest Lyrics, Best Merging Onto the Highway Song, and Album of the Year. Featuring tracks by LOW, Me Rex,…


Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Songs of All Time

improv4humans #518September 30, 2021

Howard Kremer (Who Charted), Ryan Walsh (Hallelujah the Hills), and Brett Morris join Matt Besser on a special improv4humans to break down Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Songs of All Time. First, they discuss the time Bob Dylan called out Tom T. Hall…


Besser's Best of Music 2020 with Howard Kremer

improv4humans #483January 28, 2021

Howard Kremer and Engineer Brett Morris join Matt Besser to review their favorite music picks from 2020, featuring top tracks from Laura Jane Grace, Food House, Pop Smoke, HappyHappy, Viagra Boys, Billie Eilish, Malin Pettersen, Deau Eyes, Rico Nasty, Bruce Peninsula, Naked…


BESSER’S BEST of MUSIC 2019 with Howard Kremer

improv4humans #431January 22, 2020

Howard Kremer joins Matt Besser to break from the traditional improv4humans format with a special Music Picks episode! Howard and Matt’s music opinions collide as they discuss and debate their top tracks from 2019. Plus, Matt spills the beans on the origin…


Reindeer Games (Re-Release!)

HDTGM presents a Holiday re-release of the classic Reindeer Games episode with a special introduction from Paul and Jason! Join us this Christmas as we discuss one of the worst holiday-themed movies to come out two months after December, Reindeer Games.  We…


Howard Kremer, Chris Martin, Candy Lawrence, Cara Connors and host Rhea Butcher

Put Your Hands Together #647November 29, 2018

Rhea talks Dress Barn, crystals and DivaCups. Sets from Candy Lawrence, Cara Connors, Chris Martin and Howard Kremer. This episode is brought to you by TomboyX (


Howard Kremer, Dave Ross, Lisa Best, Melanie Maras, Adam Cayton-Holland and hosts Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher

Cam and Rhea talk ghosts, angels and cruise eggs. Sets from Lisa Best, Adam Cayton-Holland, Dave Ross, Melanie Maras and Howard Kremer.


17 Hit Songs That Are Secretly (Or Openly) Insane

The Cracked Podcast #212November 20, 2017

Top 40 radio: it’s like if a robot became obsessed with our collective subconscious. And it’s always been dominated by fun, sunshine-y pop songs. Stuff like “Respect” (Aretha Franklin) and “Hey Ya!” (OutKast) and “Maniac” (that dancing movie). But are those songs…


Howard Kremer, Kulap Vilaysack: Who Charted?

Welcome back to Who Charted? with Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack! Howard and Kulap guide you through the charts of the week and help listeners learn what is hitting in music and movies. On this week’s very special episode, Howard’s twin sister…


Boise, Idaho: Live from Now Hear This Festival

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes the Anaheim audience to Spontaneanation, recorded in front of a LIVE audience at The Now Hear This Festival! This week, Paul’s special guests are Kulap Vilaysack and Howard Kremer of Who Charted! They chat about the first joke…


Howard Kremer, Our Close Friend

Hayes and Sean have to reprimand a crazed fan. Then HOWARD KREMER joins the guys to organically discuss a service they all love. This episode is sponsored by Five Four Group.



Comedy Bang Bang #305August 18, 2014

Howard Kremer & Kulap Vilaysack of the fellow Earwolf podcast Who Charted? are both here with separate amazing projects to share with us as well as the return of intern Gino Lambardo on today’s Comedy Bean Bag! After Gino gives us his…


Crammer or Creamer

Ronna & Beverly #83July 4, 2014

Celebrate July 4th with Ronna, Beverly, and Who Charted’s own Howard Kremer! They'll chat about Howard’s career before Who Charted, the origin of the name Kremer, who gets inside his heart, and who the woman version of Howard would be. Plus, the…


The Who Charted? Files

Who Charted’s Howard Kremer & Kulap Vilaysack joined Jake for a visually stimulating livestreamed episode of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Jake, Howard, and Kulap created forcefields, stuck it to Chuck Woolery, and got a peak into the toilet community by taking a toilet…


Newborn Colts!

Totally Laime #165March 29, 2013

Uh oh, Dragon Boy Suede is back in the Laime house!! Our wonderful 2nd time with Who Charted's Howard Kremer covers topics from bathroom hand washing to traffic theories to getting back in the dating game. Enjoy!


The Bisco Boys

Comedy Bang Bang #209March 21, 2013

Who Charted’s Howard “Dragon Boy Suede” Kremer & fan favorites Paul Rust, Harris Wittels, and Michael Cassady aka Don’t Stop or We’ll Die are in the studio to jam out in today’s very special musical b-b-b-bonus s-s-s-show! They’ll get into what the…


Analyze Fish Pt. 2

Analyze Phish #6February 18, 2013

Paul F. Tompkins, Howard Kremer, and Shelby Fero aka The Jaws Family are back for the thrilling conclusion of Analyze Fish! After something shocking happened during Shelby’s first viewing of Jaws, she decided to watch it a couple of more times in…


Building The Track Pt. 3

Private: Rafflecast #13February 4, 2013

Prepare your earholes for Building The Track Pt. 3! Today's guest on Rafflecast is none other than Howard Kremer aka Dragon Boy Suede. In 20 minutes they created the song "Shotgun Trukk (If Drive Was A TV Movie)". It's Howard/Jon, Son! Cyrus…


Analyze Fish

Analyze Phish #5January 17, 2013

Harris Wittels and Scott Aukerman are back to catch up on Harris’ recent Phish experience and to pass the figurative torch. Paul F. Tompkins and Howard Kremer are comedians who love the 1975 classic film Jaws. Paul & Howard have decided to…


Reindeer Games

How Did This Get Made? #52December 25, 2012

Join us this Christmas as we discuss one of the worst holiday-themed movies to come out two months after December, Reindeer Games.  We talk about terrible open-mouthed kissing, how much Ben Affleck likes pecan pie, and a strange cameo by Ashton Kutcher.…


Nice White People Doing Hip-Hop Covers

Yo, Is This Racist? #5October 5, 2012

Yo, what up race cars! Today's guest Howard Kremer joins Andrew Ti to determine if "nice" white people doing hip-hop covers is racist. We also discuss why white people using the words ninja and nilla is straight up wack. Call in at…


Ginger Pride

Yo, Is This Racist? #4October 4, 2012

Yo, what up y'all! Our guest Howard Kremer helps us explore the topic of red head discrimination and answer the question if there is such a thing as red-headed solidarity/ginger pride. If you want to leave us an equally befuddling message, call…


Wild Food For Urban People

Yo, Is This Racist? #3October 3, 2012

Yo, what up race cars and race debaters! Howard Kremer is in studio today to help us answer if a Farmers Market sign that reads "Wild Food For Urban People" is racist. We also discuss the use of the word urban in…


White People Using The N-Word

Yo, Is This Racist? #2October 2, 2012

Yo, what up race cars! Today we are joined by Howard Kremer to discuss if white people using the N-word is racist. Call 323-389-7223 and leave us a voicemail if you want to ask us if something is racist. No robots please.



Yo, Is This Racist? #1October 1, 2012

Welcome to Yo, Is This Racist? with Andrew Ti! Join Andrew Ti as he answers one of your questions every day about whether something is racist. Spoiler Alert: It almost always is totally racist. Howard Kremer joins us today to figure out…


Sklarbro County 9

We're feasting on Keyshawn wine, Taco Bell, and outrageous new stories as Howard Kremer joins us in Sklarbro County. You'll learn how to write the perfect obituary, get banned from children's theme parks, and find viral videos of attractive Olympians online. You…


Cool Snap, Bro!

Totally Laime #119May 11, 2012

Howard Kremer is definitely upping our cool factor! He's a comedian and rapper and the host of the awesome podcast Who Charted? where he and Andy fell into brotherly love five long weeks ago. He talks malls, widow sex, butt sex, and we…


The Sklar Triplets

Sklarbro Country #63October 7, 2011

Randy and Jason are out on the road so it's time to call in the 12th man...and the 13th man...and the 14th woman. Matt Besser, Howard Kremer, and Danielle Schneider are slapping some paint on their faces and getting in the gridiron!…


Using the Guest: Day 3

We don't love doing it, but we have to eliminate yet another podcast. Matt, Howard, and Marc call the three lowest performing shows and one must leave. Keep up with our eliminated contestants on the Earwolf blog, and join in on the…


Using the Guest: Day 2

Marc Maron and Howard Kremer both use guests in a unique way on their podcasts. Let's hear what they think of our seven remaining challengers. With the competition thinning out we have longer submissions to judge and harsher critiques for the remaining…


Get This Charty Sklarted!

Sklarbro Country #37April 8, 2011

Howard Kremer is the guest on this week's Sklarbro Country, and you'll love it more than Mohammed Al-Fayed loves Michael Jackson. Howard has all the qualifications for a Sklarbro citizen: He loves sports, he's an awesome rapper, and he has wicked Muppet…


Live from LA it's Comedy Bang Bang!

Comedy Bang Bang #68August 26, 2010

Sometimes Comedy Bang Bang gets serious, and today is the case when Scott finally breaks down the all-important question on everyone's mind: What is Fred Armisen's ethnic makeup? Buuut seriously folks, Scott and Fred discuss the aspects of Saturday Night Live (or…


Yerr An Egghead!

Comedy Bang Bang #30November 20, 2009

You can't get three guests better than Matt Walsh, Dave Holmes, and Howard Kremer. Unfortunately, for much of the time at least one of them is missing. Radio Disney sends over one of their most famous DJ's, Lil' Timmy, who brings up…


The Baby's Sunglasses

Comedy Bang Bang #12July 17, 2009

It only took Scott twelve, count 'em, TWELVE episodes to get an Emmy nominee on the show! And that nominee is the fine sir Jon Hamm. He talks about being famous, blah blah blah, and assists El Chupacabra by helping him advertise…


Doing Laundry with Sarah

Comedy Bang Bang #6June 5, 2009

You'd expect a show like Comedy Bang Bang to be able to get at least one popular movie star each episode, but TWO? That's unheard of! Until now that is, with Billy Crystal and James Gandolfini both showing up on this episode.…

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