Jace Armstrong

Jace Armstrong is an actor, writer, and comedian. He’s performed at the UCB Theatre in LA on Harold Night with DIRT, and Maude Night with Old Flame. You can also see him monthly in his sketch show with Justin Michael, Fear the Hypercube. He’s also performed on Maude and Harold Night with the teams New Money, The Bus, 8 Babies, DunkTank, and Mister Town City.

On the TV, you can find Jace in the second season of The UCB Show, Go90’s TweenFest, and Comedy Bang! Bang! His directing credits include the Before You Were Funny series for Funny or Die, On the Bright Side (Official Selection NYTV Fest 2016), and miscellaneous commercials n music vids you can find on the google.

Jace has also been a producer on several TV shows including Nathan for You, With Bob and David, Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, The Eric Andre New Years Eve Spooktacular!, Comedy Bang! Bang!, and The Birthday Boys.

Guest Appearances

December 20, 2017

His Holiness Pope Francis (Jace Armstrong) turns out to be a real sneaky Pete on a Christmas episode of Hard Nation. Francis explains why Jesus was “the best,” lists his favorite Scientologists, and gets passionate about eating Cheetos in a bubble bath. Plus: Mark goes wassailing in a sketchy neighborhood.