Jacquis Neal

Jacquis Neal

Jacquis Neal

Jacquis Neal is a tv/film and voice actor, host, comedian and podcaster. He performs comedy around Los Angeles, including hosting his hit monthly show, Comedian Feud. He’s hosted and produced podcasts with iHeartRadio, Headgum, and Culture Kings on Earwolf, which was nominated for the 2021 Ambie Award for Best Comedy podcast.

He’s been on shows like Physical, Liza on Demand, ABC’s Bless This Mess, season 2 of How I Met Your Father and NBC’s Grand Crew as well as many national commercials. His voice can be heard on Nickelodeon, shows and films on Netflix, video games, commercials, and more. Born in Chicago, he was also an active member of its theatre scene, and he still bleeds Cubbie blue and Bulls Red.

Guest Appearances

February 20, 2022

Actor/comedian Anders Holm joins Scott to talk about his role in the Netflix mini-series Inventing Anna, Ghostbusters, and the important topics he and his Workaholics co-stars discuss on their podcast This Is Important.

November 7, 2021

Comedian extraordinaire Laurie Kilmartin joins Scott to talk about her new stand-up album “Corset,” some of her signature pieces writing on Conan, and where she started doing stand-up. Then, local grocery Albert Roe returns to talk about the seasonal items over at Kissy’s Grocery Store. Later, fashion designer Sammy Samantha stops by to discuss getting into menswear. Plus, Justin the Pickup artist drops by to share some pickup tips.

June 27, 2021

Comedian extraordinaire Max Silvestri joins Scott knee to knee to talk about the career opportunities he’s turned down since his legendary 10 minute stand-up set in Nebraska. Then, neighbors Burnt Millipede and Joan Pedestrian return to promote the new season of their podcast The Neighborhood Listen. Plus, author/clergy person Bishop R.L. Bakes returns to talk about his new book series.

April 5, 2021

Jacquis has got a new podcast, The Cast with Rae & Jacquis! In it, he & Rae Sanni are reviewing iconic reality tv moments and deciding if their stars deserve to be cast in a reality tv royalty lineup. This episode (E3), Rae & Jacquis review a moment from one of their favorite tv shows: The Challenge. In this iconic clip, Johnny Bananas commits the ultimate betrayal. Does it make him a top-tier villain or just plain trash?

March 14, 2021

Professional comedian Fortune Feimster (Yes Day, The Netflix Afterparty) joins Scott to talk about her role as sportscaster Pam on Kenan, what’s the fastest she can talk, and her wild dinner with Kristen Wiig while filming Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar. Then, broadcaster and NBA legend Bill Walton returns to hype everyone up about March Madness. Plus, Jacquis Robinson stops by to share the truth about his famous brother/baseball player Jackie Robinson.