Jake Fogelnest

Jake Fogelnest is a writer/producer who has written for “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp,” “Difficult People,” “Girlboss,” “Billy On The Street,” and “Corporate.” He is very successful (and handsome) so by the time you read this bio, there might be more on his IMDb page. He loves Earwolf and hosted “The Fogelnest Files” podcast until he got too busy. He will however return to Earwolf to do podcast, as his schedule and handsomeness allows.

Guest Appearances

September 11, 2022

This week Jason, June and Paul welcome Jake Fogelnest (Difficult People, The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon) to break down the 1987 classic, Jaws: The Revenge, aka Jaws 4. 

January 17, 2021

Writer/podcaster Jake Fogelnest joins Scott to talk about 2021, name shortening, and his new podcast “I Did It First” over on his Patreon (patreon.com/jakefogelnest). Then, publicist Seth Berkowitz returns to talk about rebranding his new client. Plus, ‘Shell stops by to talk about being a new mother.

November 26, 2018

Comedian Jake Fogelnest joins Ali and Erin to talk about bootlegging the podcast, his charity mixtapes on eBay, Squirt TV, The Fogelnest Files, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Norwegian airlines, changing your relationship around social media, how they were late on Lady Gaga, and many more things you should know about.

May 29, 2017

Writer Jake Fogelnest returns to The Canon this week along with his pick, the 1974 dark comedy “Female Trouble.” Jake explains how seeing the film at a young age shaped his perspective on life and led to a penpalship with director John Waters. Then, he and Amy discuss what makes the film so inclusive, the discrepancies of an NC-17 rating, and the difference between “good” bad taste and “bad” bad taste. Should “Female Trouble” be entered into The Canon? Cast your vote on the Earwolf forums now!



This episode is brought to you by the Harold Ramis Film School.

December 17, 2015

Getting the knack with Jake Fogelnest.

October 19, 2015

Hollywood’s own Jake Fogelnest (writer for Hulu’s Difficult People, Billy on the Street) joins Devin & Amy this week to discuss Fast Times at Ridgemont High: one of the definitive teen movies of the 80s. From the real uncomfortable way sex is portrayed to Sean Penn’s portrayal of Jeff Spicoli to the terrific 80s soundtrack, this movie has it all. Tune in as Devin, Amy, and Jake talk about a movie that presents teenagers as they really are — and head to the forums on Wolfpop to cast the deciding vote!