Jake Hurwitz

Jake Hurwitz is an American comedian, writer and actor. He was hired by the comedy website CollegeHumor after becoming an intern there in 2006, and has written and appeared in original videos for the website, as well as contributing articles which have been published both online and in print. He also starred in The CollegeHumor Show, an MTV sitcom that ran for one season in 2009. Outside of CollegeHumor, Hurwitz has hosted Myspace’s BFF series.

He is best known as the comedy partner of Amir Blumenfeld: the two appear as humorous and exaggerated versions of themselves in the web series Jake and Amir, with Hurwitz generally assuming the role of the straight man.

Guest Appearances

Shiny Shit (w/ Jake Hurwitz & Amir Blumenfeld)

For our first ever duo reading, we have best friends Jake and Amir! Jack of no trades and master of four, these kind men of HeadGum sit down and take a moment to go over their friendship. Tune in for some peak…


Jake’s Phat Bar Mitzvah (w/ Jake Hurwitz, Amir Blumenfeld)

Raised By TV #47February 12, 2019

Today’s Raised By TV special guests are “If I Were You”’s Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld! They reveal their bar mitzvah themes, talk about why the “Cheers” and “Charles In Charge” theme songs were so memorable, and debate which season of “The…


A Chainsaw’s On The Way

Who Charted? #414November 13, 2018

Comedians, writers and actors Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld (If I Were You podcast) join Howie and the gang to dip in to the latest charts of the week! We’ll hear about Halsey’s Lil Wayne tattoo, sickening cigarettes, and low-key Ambien adventures…


Jake Hurwitz, Amir Blumenfeld, and Marty Michael, HeadGum Podcast Network co-founders.

The Wolf Den #146July 4, 2018

Jake Hurwitz, Amir Blumenfeld, and Marty Michael, co-founders of the HeadGum podcast network, join Lex on the Wolf Den. The four talk about how HeadGum came to be, and reveal the topic so controversial it almost tore the group apart. Jake and…


The Big Holiday Party

Hollywood Handbook #218December 26, 2017

JAKE AND AMIR from the "If I Were You" podcast are in the studio along with many other guests to celebrate at the big Hollywood Handbook party for the holidays.


Tinder Taco

Sklarbro Country #301April 29, 2016

Comedy duo Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld join the Sklars to discuss their new Vimeo series "Lonely and Horny." Jake and Amir talk about their work dynamic at CollegeHumor and creating more than 700 videos together. They all break down Quick Hits…


Jake and Amir, Our Close Friends

Hollywood Handbook #131April 26, 2016

Sean and Hayes have to make one of the most difficult decisions in the history of the show: decide on what to order for lunch. Then, JAKE HURWITZ and AMIR BLUMENFELD arrive for an unedited episode to speak on their growing podcast…

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