James Pumphrey

James Pumphrey is a comedic writer and performer who can be found chillin’ out maxin and relaxin’ all cool at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles. His UCB credits include Jimmy Pardo’s Dance Party, Not Too Shabby, Dirtiest Sketch in LA Contest (which he won), and countless wins at UCB Cagematch. You’ll soon see James starring in the improvised film High Road.

Guest Appearances

Family Counseling

Comedy Bang Bang #49April 16, 2010

Adam Scott is a phenomenal comedic actor who proves in this episode that he's hilarious in any medium. He somehow manages to be funny even with the tragedy that is relationship experts James and Cathy McDowell and their neglected son Damian Vast.…


Winter Olympic Fever: Deux!

Comedy Bang Bang #42February 26, 2010

Comedy Bang Bang has caught winter-olympic fever, and has on some of the members of the world famous Georgian Olympic Figure Skating Team as well as the coach, who teach us what it means to be a famous figure skater in this…

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