Janet Mock

Janet Mock is an American writer, TV host, transgender rights activist, author of the New York Times bestseller Redefining Realness, contributing editor for Marie Claire, and former staff editor of People magazine’s website.

Guest Appearances

June 22, 2017

She’s spoken at the Women’s March on Washington, hosted a show for MSNBC, edited for Allure and Marie Claire, and written a New York Times bestselling memoir – and that’s not even half of the revolutionary work that trans writer and activist Janet Mock has done in her young career. In this episode, we talk with Janet about the writing process for her latest memoir “Surpassing Certainty,” the strong history and community of trans people in her native Hawaii, why the term “passing” is problematic for her, and why we should complicate our language when we use the word “woman”. For those of you who don’t know Janet: You’re about to become fans!

Find Janet’s books, podcast (Never Before), and speaking events at www.janetmock.com. And follow Janet on Twitter!: @janetmock

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