Jason Concepcion

Jason Concepcion first gained notoriety through his popular Twitter account @netw3rk. His witty social media missives on sports and pop-culture got him hired as a staff writer for Grantland in 2014. Since 2016, he’s worked at The Ringer as a writer, podcaster, and host. (NBA DESKTOP, BINGE MODE, AFTER THE THRONES, TALK THE THRONES).

Guest Appearances

The Pivotal Tweet (w/ Jason Concepcion)

The SAP crew gets deep talking about how their art reflects who they are. Later on, Jason Concepcion spills the deets on his new podcast for Crooked Media. He also shares the tweet that launched his career and explains why he’d never…


Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball with Jason Concepcion

Get Played #91March 14, 2021

Jason Concepcion (Takeline, All Caps NBA) returns to the show to talk about Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball with Nick and Heather! They talk about how the game doesn't honor basketball in any way, Bill Laimbeer's legacy, NFT and more!


The Crazy Covid Vaccine Capper with Jason Concepcion

Scam Goddess #76March 8, 2021

What's good, con-gregation? This week we got Jason Concepcion analyzing the covid vaccine start-up that bamboozled a whole city. Come on now, you can't skip the doctor drip. Stay schemin!  Jason Concepcion is the host and executive producer of Crooked Media's Takeline and ALL…


Jason Concepcion, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #374December 14, 2020

JASON CONCEPCION teaches The Boys about all these movie franchises.


The Secret Sauce with Jason Concepcion

Culture Kings #243November 15, 2020

Jason Concepcion (Binge Mode, NBA Desktop) joins Edgar to talk about being friends on twitter then meeting in real life, excepting yourself to form your own point of view, and more!


Shaq Fu (w/ Jason Concepcion)

Get Played #21November 10, 2019

Jason Concepcion (NBA Desktop, Binge Mode) joins Nick and Heather to discuss licensed celebrity 2D fighting game Shaq Fu. They talk about Shaq’s legacy, the clunky controls, and more. Plus, the return of You Don’t Know Jack Off. This episode is brought…

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