J.C. Gardiner

J.C. Gardiner performs with Beth Crosby as Jessica and Hunter. Their videos can be found all over Youtube and their sketch show T&P Love Yoo and Mi is a bona fide hit at the Second City stage.

Guest Appearances

January 12, 2011

Ding Ding Ding! It’s a new week on Glitter in the Garbage and time to talk about glory holes and My Strange Addiction! Drew shares memories of his late friend James, and brings in his friends Beth and J.C. to talk about the empowering programming of TLC. In the meantime: Learn about tablescaping, pageant parents, what it takes to be a young comedian, and how YOU can learn all of Criss Angel’s most famous tricks! Now eat some toilet paper, watch some Baxter Birney, and join us next week on Glitter in the Garbage!