Jeff Hiller

Jeff Hiller is an American actor and comedian. Hiller starting performing improv comedy Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre since 2001 where he was part of the improv teams “People People”, “The Scam” and “Creep” and “Police Chief Rumble”. Hiller has appeared in various television series, including Guiding Light, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Psych, and Community. He has also appeared in the films Morning Glory and Ghost Town. He is also a frequent guest on the best podcast in the universe, improv4humans with Matt Besser right here on Earwolf!

Guest Appearances

Jennifer Lopez and the Blonde Ghost with Jeffery Hiller

Joan + Doug share their ritual for the linen room, while Burnt recounts his new love of hot dogs. Plus, Jennifer Lopez (Jeffery Hiller) tells tales of paranormal activity on the streets of Dignity Falls.


Jeff Hiller - Spotlight On: Barry Miller

WOMP It Up! #90April 20, 2021

Marissa and Listler are back in the States, and hiding out in the back of a thrift store in Brooklyn, hosted by Listler's old theatre friend Barry Miller (Jeff Hiller). Barry joins in for Hot Topix, and we learn a little more…


Best of The Bible

improv4humans #374December 19, 2018

In the beginning, Matty B created improv4humans. Then Matty B said, “Let there be a compilation of the greatest biblical improv scenes ever performed on this show”, and there was a compilation of biblical scenes. And Matty B saw the compilation, and…


Jeff Hiller in A Seastar Is Born Live from Murmrr

The hilarious Jeff Hiller is live in Brooklyn from the Murmrr Ballroom with Jess and Zach in a new underwater musical complete with dolphins, Garibaldi, jellies, witches and more! With songs like "Swim On In", "Gardening or Singing" and "A Seastar is Born", you'll…


Good Luck With Your Toilet! (w/ Lauren Adams, Jeff Hiller)

Dr Gameshow #12January 3, 2018

Lauren Adams (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) & Jeff Hiller (Nightcap, Bright Colors and Bold Patterns) join Jo & Manolo to play listener-created games with callers.  Games played: Gritty Reboot, How Low Can You Mano-Go?, and Plan The Worst Royal Wedding



improv4humans #256September 8, 2016

Charlie Sanders, Jeff Hiller, and Pamela Murphy join Matt Besser for this week's improv4humans. A delivery driver makes his own spagetti for his customers, members of Weight Watchers take a proactive approach to cutting their points, and a camera operator keeps the…


Waxahatchee and the Beige River

improv4humans #186May 7, 2015

Singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee joins Seth Morris, Pamela Murphy, Jeff Hiller, and Matt Besser for a musical episode of improv4humans! We’ll hear Katie play some songs that will inspire scenes about whether you should hang out with the person you just…


Best of improv4humans Vol. 5

improv4humans #141July 3, 2014

That time has come once again humans! The best of improv4humans with Matt Besser volume 5 is here featuring an amazing roster of the greatest improvisers in the universe including Joe Wengert, Sean Clements, Dominic Dierkes, Jason Mantzoukas, Lennon Parham, Jessica St.…


Hallelujah the Hills

improv4humans #136May 29, 2014

Lauren Lapkus, Mike Still, and Jeff Hiller are here along with special musical guest Hallelujah the Hills for a magical musical episode of improv4humans with Matt Besser! For the first time ever, the entire band Hallelujah the Hills have set themselves up…


Hot Gomer Pyle

Who Charted? #176April 16, 2014

It's Wednesday, which means it's time for the best part of everyone's week, a new episode of WHO CHARTED is here with your host HowHow, and special guest host, and spa professional, Natasha Leggero!  The star of THE Guiding Light and overall…


Bonus Cut: Phallic Fetal Pig

improv4humans #117.5January 28, 2014

Jeff Hiller, Jon Gabrus, and Mike Still return to talk about childhood rumors and learn a couple of things about fetal pigs on today's bonus episode of improv4humans with Matt Besser. You can now get the UCB Comedy Improv Manual, Matt Besser’s new comedy…


Meaty Meaty Hands

improv4humans #117January 23, 2014

Jeff Hiller, Jon Gabrus, and Mike Still follow the journey of a man with meaty meaty hands, reveal their inner monologues when pressure arises, and see if the greatest directors can answer simple questions on this week's improv4humans with Matt Besser! Plus,…


It's New Year's & Hiller In Tha House!

Totally Laime #204December 27, 2013

He's baaack! Master improvisor, musical improvisor, actor and all around fantastic gent, JEFF HILLER is in tha house discussing new years resolutions, how to make a long distance relationship work, and owning his McD's diet coke addiction. Enjoy!


A Hotel Tell

improv4humans #104October 24, 2013

This week's improv4humans features humans Andy Daly, Josh Simpson, and Jeff Hiller playing Harry Potter nerds, running into an aspiring actor who works at a hotel, and dealing with an unqualified STD tester. It's an episode that’ll help you finally move out…


We R Michelle Shocked

improv4humans #74March 28, 2013

What’s that? More improv4humans? Well, you got it! Today Matt Besser is joined by humans Jeff Hiller, Jill Donnelly, and Gil Ozeri and they’ll get shocked by Michelle Shocked, explore who would want the newly unearthed Titanic violin, and say thank you…


It's Your Choice To Suck A Dick

improv4humans #52November 6, 2012

Betsy Sodaro, Jeff Hiller, and Colton Dunn are here to say it’s your choice to suck a dick on today’s improv4humans! Victoria Jackson bailed so the gang decided to create scenes based on clips from her interview on Howard Stern. Everything from…


Bonus Cut: Bucket of Sand

improv4humans #37.5July 31, 2012

Watch out! Everything around you could be an instrument of death! Guests Colton Dunn, Jeff Hiller, and Danielle Schneider join Matt Besser in this week's bonus episode, and perform two scenes inspired by fan-suggested YouTube videos. These ruthless improvisers will use household…


Calm Down!

improv4humans #37July 26, 2012

What do we do improv for? Freedom? Babies? Urine-soaked potato salad? Colton Dunn, Jeff Hiller, and Danielle Schneider use worst summer stories submitted by improv4humans fans and crazy YouTube clips to inspire scenes about dance shoes, rainbows, and strip searches. Be sure…


Broadway Baby!

Totally Laime #64April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! Our chocolate egg to you - TLP's first Broadway star guest! One of Elizabeth's favorite performers, JEFF HILLER from "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson," and 30 Rock and a bazillion shows at the UCB Theatre New York, came by and cracked…

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