Jeff Krulik

Jeff Krulik is a director of independent films and a former Discovery Channel producer, best known for his 1986 documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

Guest Appearances

November 21, 2013

Underground filmmaker Jeff Krulik joins Jake to discuss the 1986 documentary centered around the hard-rock fandom which occurred at the Capital Centre parking lot in Landover, Maryland before a Judas Priest concert called Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Jeff also explains how he went from selling cable door to door to eventually running a public access network, how he met with the King of Porn, and tells us about his new film, Led Zeppelin Played Here, about a Maryland youth center where Led Zeppelin supposedly performed on its first US tour. As always, check out the full playlist over at! If you’re listening to this on Thursday November 21st, tune in for a LIVE VPN edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES with special guests THE SO SO GLOS at 9p EST/6p PST over at!