Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb is an American songwriter, composer, and singer. He has written numerous platinum-selling songs, including “Up, Up and Away”, “By the Time I Get to Phoenix”, and “Wichita Lineman.”

Guest Appearances

April 24, 2017

Gilbert and Frank are joined by legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb (“Wichita Lineman,” “Up, Up and Away”), who shares an entire career’s worth of memories and anecdotes, including meeting Elvis, playing baccarat with Ol’ Blue Eyes, turning down 40K a week to play Vegas and and sitting in on a recording session of the “White Album.” Also, Jimmy parties with Paul Williams, crosses swords with Harry Nilsson, joins John Lennon on his “lost weekend” and pens megahits for longtime friend/collaborator Glen Campbell. PLUS: Father Guido Sarducci! The Nelson Riddle Orchestra! David Geffen offers advice! The musical genius of Johnny Rivers! And Jimmy plays “MacArthur Park” in…MacArthur Park!

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