John F. O'Donnell

John F. O’Donnell is an actor and comedian.

Guest Appearances

Destroy Your Life Hacks

Fake The Nation #194April 2, 2020

Joyelle Johnson and John F. O'Donnell join Negin to talk about why US unemployment is so high compared to other countries in the age of coronavirus and how Joyelle is going to get some of Jeff Bezos' money. To get dressed or not? They get…


Holliest and Jolliest

Fake The Nation #180December 26, 2019

This boxing day, Negin is joined by John Hodgman and Selena Coppock to discuss whether AI should be doing our menial tasks. Then she talks holiday traditions with Benari Poulten and John F. O'Donnell.



Fake The Nation #174November 14, 2019

Benari Poulten and John F. O'Donnell join Negin to discuss the Supreme Court's DACA decision, the campaigns of Bloomberg & Patrick, and the (ever evolving) impeachment trial.   This episode is sponsored by Pact ( code: FAKE) and Native ( code: FAKE).

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