Jon Daly

Jon Daly is very funny. He’s acted for television (Human Giant, Happy Endings) and film (Bride Wars, Mystery Team). He’s starred in FunnyorDie videos (My Imaginary Friend is Fabio, Bieber 5021), and frequently performs at the UCB theatre in Los Angeles. He’s also a pretty fantastic rapper as the non-Brett Gelman half of Cracked Out.

Guest Appearances


Comedy Bang Bang #764July 3, 2022

Accomplished actor Kelsey Grammer joins Scott to talk about the new Frasier reboot, his podcast pitch all about The Kingston Trio, and Jon Daly’s new album “Ding Dong Delicious.” Then, the “real” Superman stops by to talk about his 4th of July…


Rafflecast: Building The Track Pt. 5 with John Gemberling

Earwolf Presents #151June 9, 2020

To keep you entertained at home, we're rereleasing some classic Earwolf and Premium episodes from behind the paywall! You can find the rest of this series on Stitcher Premium. Jon Daly and guest John Gemberling don’t make it easy on themselves when…


Hashtag Song Goals with Seth Green

Comedy Bang Bang #604June 2, 2019

Actor/director Seth Green joins Scott to talk about his directorial debut “Changeland,” the trip to Thailand that inspired him to write the movie, and his old “Cha-ching” commercials. Then, entrepreneur Trombone Shitty stops by to workshop commercials for his car dealership. Plus,…


10th Anniversary Part 2

Comedy Bang Bang #599.5April 28, 2019

Scott Aukerman celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Comedy Bang! Bang! by implementing a true open door policy and welcomes fan favorite guests of the show over the last 10 years! Part Two Featuring: Thomas Middleditch Adam Scott Chelsea Peretti Nick Kroll Drew…


Live from DCM 2018 w/ Jason Mantzoukas, Jack McBrayer, Brian Huskey, Paul Scheer, Shannon O’Neill, Jessica Chaffin, Jon Daly

WOMP It Up! #54July 16, 2018

Recorded live in New York City, Marissa and Listler travel to the Big Apple to present a jam-packed episode of their podcast project Womp It Up! We’ll find out what’s been going on with the notorious Eric “Gutterballs” Gutterman (Jason Mantzoukas), Daily…


Shut Up and Have Fun with Danny Mahoney

Gather some friends because it's time to party! Andy Daly & Matt Gourley bring you yet another interactive podcast pilot from dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker Danny Mahoney of Life of the Party Inc. Hang out with Danny & his party crew Donnie, Marianna…


New Heights in Terrible Enunciation

Who Charted? #384April 18, 2018

Actor and comedian Jon Daly joins Howard and Natasha this week for all the latest charts in pop culture! Jon talks about his Twitter feud with rapper Lil Xan while they count down Billboard 100’s Top 5. Plus, they touch on the…


Return to Suicide House Part 666

Comedy Bang Bang #515October 23, 2017

As Scott goes out for another remote episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! he gets tricked into entering Suicide House once again by innkeepers Messmore and Bueford le Barron. Snot Squakerman, Messmore, and Bueford chat about the rules of Suicide House, Dennis Miller,…


Schwimm On In

Stand-up comedians Ron Funches and Nick Thune join the show this week to face their greatest fears and to find the most fun things to eat and say. Acclaimed indie musician Papa Johns Misty begins his year-long residency with his favorite catchphrases…


Rudy Giuliani Has "Chain Guys" (w/ Jon Daly)

Private: Hard Nation #52March 29, 2017

Former NY mayor / Republican presidential nominee Rudy Giuliani (Jon Daly) comes in hot on this week's episode of Hard Nation! Rudy talks about his "rat kids", his love of the Times Square M&M Store, and admits to what he was up…


Return to Suicide House Part Tricks-or-Treats

Comedy Bang Bang #454October 31, 2016

Oh no! Scott has been tricked again on his way to the Earwolf Studios and instead has arrived to the Werewolf Studios deep inside Suicide House on 1122 Boogie Woogie Avenue. The ghoulish Beuford le Barron welcomes Scott alone this time around…


Jon Daly, Our Close Friend

Hayes and Sean give tips on a fun hobby of theirs which is gardening. Then JON DALY joins the discussion to write a children's book with the boys.


Death of a Gorgeous Shirt: Live at UCB Sunset

improv4humans #235April 14, 2016

Jon Daly, Seth Morris and Neil Campbell join Matt Besser for a live episode of improv4humans at UCB Sunset. Political man-on-the-street interviews inspire scenes about voting for change and a struggling paid protestor. Also, a family has emotional last rites for an…


Cranking It to Coldplay

Comedy Bang Bang #413April 7, 2016

Tom Scharpling of The Best Show finally returns to Comedy Bang! Bang! to join Scott in a chat about funny performers who get muscular, which kind of montage they would like to live their life in, and whether or not dogs have…


Live from SF Sketchfest 2016

Sklarbro Country #289February 5, 2016

Nicholas Cage warms up the audience for Jason and Randy live at San Francisco Sketchfest 2016. The Sklars, Nick and comedian Moshe Kasher talk to Daniel Van Kirk about a drunk driver's interaction with a police officer in the city Niceville. Actor…


The Wahlberg Solution 9

Sklarbro Country #WS9February 1, 2016

LIVE from SF Sketchfest 2016, Mark Wahlberg (Daniel Van Kirk) solves the problems of the world (because Donnie can’t) with his very famous friends Tom Leykis (James Adomian), Erica Rhodes, Macklemore (Jon Daly), and Michael Caine (Kenny Stevenson).


The Holiday Womptacular

Comedy Bang Bang #392December 17, 2015

It's a Christmas miracle! LIVE from the Marina Del Ray Public High School Library is a Holiday Womptacular with Marissa Wompler, Miss Listler, Marissa's step dad Dr. Seth Wompler,  Eric "Gutterballs" Gutterman, and many more surprise guests. How has Marissa held up…


Jon Daly - Spotlight On: Matt Yanni

WOMP It Up! #15December 14, 2015

Attention all WOMPSTERS! Marissa has a new boyfriend all the way from Pittsburgh by the name of Matt Yanni (Jon Daly) and they've been going out for 7 whole days. Matt tells us about his adolescent alopecia, a very special Thanksgiving dish…


Return to Suicide House Part Boo

Comedy Bang Bang #383October 26, 2015

A frightening occurrence has fallen upon the Earwolf Studios once again to turn it into the Werewolf Studios deep within the Suicide House! The ghoulish brothers Beuford and Messmore le Barron are back to make Scott KnottsScaryMan's life a living hell and…


Bits, Riffs, and Friendships

Comedy Bang Bang #367August 6, 2015

The three best friends of comedy, Brett Gelman of Married & Dinner with Family with Brett Gelman and Brett Gelman's Family, Tim Heidecker of Decker & On Cinema, and Jon Daly of Kroll Show & The Secret Life of Walter Mitty are…


Johnny's Bananas Season 4 Writer's Room

Earwolf Presents #30June 4, 2015

Thank god for eBay for saving Johnny’s Bananas and making it the first ever StreamBay original series! Rafflecast brings you inside the writer’s room of season 4 of the animated series Johnny’s Bananas starring Johnny “Drama” Chase & Andrew Dice Clay. Listen…


Holistic Movie Reviews

Bob brings in the new year in a healthy way by welcoming Holistic movie reviewer Nurgen Shirley. Nurgen speaks on tantric love making, how movies are like different colors, the importance of tiny fun mantras, and leaves us with some much needed…


Return to Suicide House Part Gore

Comedy Bang Bang #319October 30, 2014

Welp, it appears that Scott's car broke down once again outside a spoOoOoky house on 1122 Boogie Woogie Avenue which can only mean one thing. Rot Awfulman has again stumbled upon the Werewolf Studios and is in the presence of the ghoulish…


DJs Are Sleaze Js

Comedy Bang Bang #292June 9, 2014

Obvious Child's Jenny Slate and lead singer of the tUnE-yArDs, Merrill Garbus join forces to find out what they have in common as artists on today’s Comedy Bing Bong! Jenny tells us about her role in the new film Obvious Child as…


Off The Grid

Comedy Bang Bang #270February 10, 2014

One half of The Pepper Men, Jon Daly is here to discuss all things RHCP on today's Comedy Bing Bong! Jon tells us about his tribute track to the Red Hots and dives deep into the Superb Bowl Halftime show controversy. Then,…


Jon Daly

Join Kevin as he sits down with comedian and actor Jon Daly, (Kroll Show, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Betas) as they discuss his sprawling comedy career. Jon chats about his beginnings at UCB, his childhood obsession with Garrison Keillor, and…


2013 Holiday Spectacular

Comedy Bang Bang #262December 16, 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho! Surfing Santa wipeout! It’s time once again for the year end holiday episode of Comedy Bing Bong! with guests galore! Jason Mantzoukas returns with singer-songwriter Nick Lowe who’ll play some festive songs from his new Christmas record “Quality Street:…


Fieri Fight

Comedy Bang Bang #253November 4, 2013

Titans of comedy Tim Heidecker and a newly Twitter verified Jon Daly are back on today's Comedy Bang! Bang! Unfortunately their friendship quickly hits the danger zone when they have conflicting opinions on Guy Fieri. Will the #230PST bros be able to…


Best Of Year One

The Fogelnest Files #53September 5, 2013

Jake compiles his favorite moments from the first year of the show on this week's Best Of edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Fantastic moments like Megan Amram's Rosie O'Donnell story, Jen Kirkman's breakdown of Royce & Marilyn, Cheech & Chong explaining the…


All Farted Out

Comedy Bang Bang #227June 27, 2013

Nerd Poker's Brian Posehn stops by the studio on this week's special B-B-B-BONUS Thursday episode of Comedy Bang Bang! Scott and Brian reminisce about the old Mr. Show days, break down Brian's latest comedy album THE FARTIST track-by-track, and talk about Brian's job…


The Pepper Men

Comedy Bang Bang #204March 4, 2013

Pepper heads rejoice as fan favorites Zach Galifianakis & Jon Daly join us to talk about their Red Hot Chili Peppers fan club on today’s Comedy Bang Bang! We get to hear about their podcast devoted to the Chili Peps, the awesome…


Please Claire-ify

Comedy Bang Bang #197January 28, 2013

Tim Heidecker is here to tell us about his new venture as Vice President of Alternative Merchandising for The Who on this week’s Comedy Bang Bang! Paul Rust is our cheesed off co-host who helps Scott demystify some American myths and brings…


Rafflecast 3

Earwolf Presents #21December 24, 2012

Jon Daly’s Rafflecast returns as the first infinite modular podcast! It’s one never ending podcast that you can join in with on at any point. Using computer technology, we will be adding an installment to it a week to make the Rafflecast…


2012 Holiday Spectacular

Comedy Bang Bang #191December 18, 2012

It’s that time of year where you try to not get burned when roasting chestnuts over an open fire and have the whole family gather round the ol’ computer for a special holiday podcast treat! Scott welcomes fan favorite Harris Wittels as…


Basset Hound Lips

improv4humans #58December 13, 2012

Katt Williams has been in the news so much lately that it has inspired Matt Besser to invite improvisers Ian Roberts, Alex Berg, and Jon Daly to dedicate a whole episode to Mr. Williams. They will explore the use of Oakland cocaine,…


Best of improv4humans Vol. 2

improv4humans #56November 29, 2012

Once again we asked YOU which were some of your favorite scenes from the past episodes of improv4humans and we put together volume 2 of this special collection of improvised scenes. Listen to an all star cast of improvisers create scenes based…


Live from RIOT LA

improv4humans #53November 8, 2012

Recorded LIVE from the Smell during the RIOT LA Comedy Festival is an improv4humans that will make you believe in magic! Horatio Sanz, Jon Daly, Ben Schwartz, and Ian Roberts cover everything from Hitler mustaches, dueling Bill Cosbys, and the Borat epidemic.…


Return to Suicide House

Comedy Bang Bang #183October 29, 2012

It looks like Scott Achingman has stumbled upon the Werewolf Studios once more to find himself inside of Suicide House with none other than the dreadful Beuford and Messmore le Barron. After some catching up, they are joined by Caine Sherman of…


Turn Off The Dark

Nocturnal Emotions #7October 24, 2012

The amazing Jon Daly drops by to get real weird on today’s Nocturnal Emotions! Jon catches up with Har Mar as he compares living in Los Angeles to living in New York, gives a recap of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, and…



Yo, Is This Racist? #10October 12, 2012

Yo, what up race cars and Friday heads! Today’s special guest Jon Daly joins Andrew Ti to discuss what is considered blackface on television today, why different countries accept blackface as part of their culture, dressing up as your favorite black hero…


Transcribing Into AAVE

Yo, Is This Racist? #9October 11, 2012

Yo, what up race cars and z-cast listeners! Jon Daly is here to figure out if it’s racist to transcribe conversations into African American Vernacular English with misspellings or is it racist to disregard these features and translate it to “proper” English.…


Making Black Friends

Yo, Is This Racist? #8October 10, 2012

Yo, what up race cars, race debaters, and Wednesday heads! Jon Daly is in studio today to talk about wanting to be down with black nerds as a white rapper and helps us answer the question if having kids to make black…


White Rappers & the N-Word

Yo, Is This Racist? #7October 9, 2012

Yo, what up Tuesday heads! Our guest Jon Daly tells us about being in a PBS documentary about white rappers as part of the rap group Cracked Out and helps us explore the topic of white rappers saying the n-word. Send us…


Caucasian Club

Yo, Is This Racist? #6October 8, 2012

Yo, welcome back race cars! This week we’re joined by special guest Jon Daly to discuss if there is such a thing as “white pride” and if a caucasian club is racist. If you wanna call in with your own smarmy ass…


Next Level Shit

Who Charted? #94September 19, 2012

We’re gripping and ripping through the charts this week as Jon Daly joins us on Who Charted! Jon describes how Drake stunned 60,000 people at the Watch The Throne concert, discusses Bieber’s rapper mentality & chrome-wrapped car, and tells us about the…


The World of Cinema

The Fogelnest Files #2September 18, 2012

Be sure to get into your watching positions for this edition of The Fogelnest Files! Recorded live at UCB-LA, Jake Fogelnest welcomes special guests Jon Daly and Paul F. Tompkins to dive into the world of Cinema. Jake, Jon, and Paul discuss…


Sklarbro County 10

Are you ready to grip it and rip it? Comedian Jon Daly joins Randy and Jason to reach out to golfer John Daly with his Jo(h)n Daly project. We also get into some stories involving a hacked Twitter account, getting robbed by…


Highly Illogical

Comedy Bang Bang #161June 4, 2012

Comedy Bang! Bang! on IFC has been a long time coming and in less than a week you'll be able to catch the premiere! To ease the pain of the wait, we're bringing you a full week of Earwolf podcasts heralding the…


Ball Cauldron

Totally Laime #117April 27, 2012

If you were googling and thought you'd found a podcast with golfer John Daly, you're in for a surprise. A great one, because you're getting Cracked Out's own Jon Daly, the comedian and rapper whose characters you love! Jon gets honest with us…


2011 Holiday Spectacular

Comedy Bang Bang #136December 19, 2011

It's that time of year again! You've hung up your proverbial podcast stocking and Comedy Bang Bang is here to stuff it full of your favorite guests, characters, games, raps, and more! Happy Holidays!


Comedy Fang Fang

Comedy Bang Bang #129October 31, 2011

It seems as though every year around this time something awfully spooky washes over this podcast and takes it in a devilish direction. I'm sorry to say that this year is no different, with guests like the dreadful Beuford and Messmore le…


Jon Daly

Ronna & Beverly #8September 3, 2011

Ronna suspects Beverly's summer cold is actually karaoke-induced laryngitis. The ladies talk to comedian Jon Daly about Ed Hardy, marijuana, and his upcoming podcast Sappity Tappity the Drunken Tree.


Comedy is Honey

Comedy Bang Bang #105May 16, 2011

There are three things our listeners have come to expect from Comedy Bang Bang: Inside information about Hollywood, brilliant improvisers, and drunken English roller-blading Christmas trees. Well this week is no exception! Matt Walsh makes a welcome return and brings with him…


The Last Airbender

How Did This Get Made? #4February 14, 2011

Some movies are so bad they're good, some are so bad they're bad, and then there's The Last Airbender. It's the story of the lil' Avatar that could, and is riddled with enough racism and weird dialogue to disorient you for days.…


The Best of 2010

Comedy Bang Bang #BO2010December 26, 2010

'Tis the season to relive your favorite comedy bits from the year! You voted and the answers are in for the best characters, guests, songs, and episodes of Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast 2010. Scott and some of Earwolf's closest friends count…


Dammit That Was a Hot Jam

Comedy Bang Bang #82November 27, 2010

We at Earwolf are pulling out all the stops to make this the most hilarious Christmas possible! Friends of the show Kevin Nealon, Tig Notaro, and Sarah Silverman start the show off right with valuable information about their travel habits, weekly scheduling,…


Crappy Howl-o-ween!

Comedy Bang Bang #77October 26, 2010

Listeners beware, you're in for a scare this week on Comedy Bang Bang!First of all, what could be scarier than a CYBER-THUG TAKEOVER!?!!? The Thuggy One and his buddy Miles Archer take over the show to talk about the spooky world of…


Featuring Betty White!

Comedy Bang Bang #73September 29, 2010

What do Nick Swardson and Bill Cosby-Bukowski have in common? They are not only both guests on this episode, but they both have a sexual history with Betty White! Fortunately they take time away from doing inappropriate things with Ms. White to…


Happy Chap

Comedy Bang Bang #47April 2, 2010

This episode is PURE class! The super classy Greg Proops talks a bit about his participation in the greatest film of all time. Then the captain of class, jazz musician Barry R. brings up the class level. They class about for a…


Did Somebody Sit on a Duck?

Comedy Bang Bang #28November 6, 2009

Theme-episodes aren't Comedy Bang Bang's forte, so why Scott wanted to have a Philly episode we'll never understand. I mean, Paul F. Tompkins and Todd Glass I get, but (the great Dr.) Bill Cosby? And he's become such a shill! Well, listen…

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