Jon Heder

Jon Heder was your absolute hero in 2004ish when he introduced the world to Napoleon Dynamite. Gosh Tina! More tots! Etc. Since then he’s done The Benchwarmers, Blades of Glory, School for Scoundrels and other hilarious comedies. But guess what? NAPOLEON DYNAMITE IS BACK! Uncle Rico! Vote for Pedro! Etc. Yes, that’s right, Jon is coming back to television in an animated version of Napoleon Dynamite that I will be watching the heck out of. Ligers! Skills! Etc.

Guest Appearances

August 19, 2014

Join Kevin as he sits down with actor Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory) as they discuss Jon’s early passion to make movies lead to his career. Jon chats about having to be interviewed in character for a brief stint, meeting Will Ferrell for the first time on an ice rink, and the fact that a bronze statue of him exists is ridiculous.

October 24, 2011

Boy, what a fun episode of Comedy Bang Bang we have today! Our old friend Harris Wittels is in the studio with a brand new edition of Harris’ Foam Corner. Our new friend Jon Heder makes a great first impression with an impressive round of Harris’ favorite game What Am I Thinking?! To top it off, our new acquaintance (I hesitate to call him a friend) Hank Williams, Jr. offers up some commentary straight from the zeitgeist and inspires a round of Alive or Dead as well as a ghastly rap battle. Making friends, cracking jokes, learning about each other, isn’t that what Comedy Bang Bang is all about?