Jonna Mannion

Jonna Mannion was a cast member of MTV’s “Real World: Cancun” and two seasons of MTV’s “The Challenge.” She has a tattoo that says “Haters” on her middle finger.

Guest Appearances

January 22, 2013

It’s the Reality Show Show’s Season 7 premiere as Hayes and Sean respond to listener suggestions and wonder if guest JONNA MANNION from The Challenge is going to show up. To pass the time they dig into a crushing lemonation on Top Chef and the much-anticipated ascent of Padma Lakshmi to the role of Head Judge. They also recall their intense reaction to seeing a helicopter on The Bachelor and respond to the show’s claim that the amount of love you can have for someone isn’t affected by how many hands you have. Finally, JONNA MANNION from The Challenge shows up to be nervously asked questions about life as a reality star and her past relationships.