Josh Stamberg

Josh Stamberg is an American actor who has appeared on many TV shows including House, NCIS, Six Feet Under, and Drop Dead Diva.

Guest Appearances

September 17, 2013

Phenomenal actor Josh Stamberg takes a break from filming a 10 episode arc on NBC’s Parenthood to join us in celebration of episode 69 of Sklarbro County! Josh tells us about his tough decision on leaving “Drop Dead Diva,” what his thought process was when he had to make out with his buddy on “Six Feet Under,” his days of playing soccer for the University of Wisconsin, and how he ended up playing tennis against Serena Williams herself. Daniel Van Kirk is also here with some gems from Florida including a tale of a naked man storming into a home, a tired man who was arrested after throwing a bowl of chicken wings at his wife, and a story that will make you think twice about receiving free baked goods. Then, we take a listen to a voicemail that Michael Douglas sent us in regards to having Josh on the show. Make sure to check out Daniel Van Kirk’s NFL column over at! Citizens of Philly, don’t forget to get your tickets for The Sklar Brothers’ run at the Helium Comedy Club this upcoming weekend (September 19th, 20th and 21st)!